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Status: Married
Age: 114
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Norway
Signup Date: December 08, 2015

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For Amanda the Mythiril
Category: Stories

For Amanda the Mythiril

Tallia the Fire Princess of Asgard looks at all the people whos lives she has touched in one way or another and smiles wide letting drops of pure white magic fire drip from her tiny fangs. She thinks of the one that came before and sees and hears the first fire fay Mythiril in her mind's eye. Mythiril flies over all her loves and smiles down on them all sending love and warmth into them. "Mes lovies yous alls verys muches." She stops over each one saying a little something just for them in a whisper. Then she stops at the two sleeping dragons and tears fall from her eyes because Vortec is not alone any longer. She flies low and kisses the ice dragon, then the fire drake. She looks at Tallia and smiles wide as she fades slowly away. Tallia looks into the sky and calls out, "Mes nevers forgettin yous Mythirillies. Yiyiyiyiyi. Mes yous and yous mes. We's ones." Slowly Tallia raises a finger to her red lips and blinks out coming back who knows where in the tall tree looking for new biggy peoples to play with....

Somewhere at that very moment Cara softly cries sitting under a tree in a park as a soft glow shines above her head.

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