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Status: Married
Age: 113
Sign: Cancer

Country: Norway
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The fairy fades away. My last post please add to it with joy
Category: Stories

(the tiny fairy sits on the highest branch of her tree looking out over the world of Asgard )
(she dose not see the world as it is but instead she sees it as it was through her long life)

(as she looks out she spots Odin coming to her world bringing with him all his sons and the other gods she waves at her oldest son not knowing she is looking at the past)

(she sees a dragon flying high over head she raises her eyes to her daughter and smiles at the beautiful sight of golden and silver wings beating the wind a long serpentine neck snakes down and a kiss is left on the fairies cheek even as tears start to fall)

(her tree grows and with it all the trees of Asgard wood hers was the first but it shall not be the last as it grows King Meric comes into the world he is so full of a warriors heart that the fairy can not help but love him and all he has been through)

(Nightbreeze and all the rest come soon after bringing with them adventure and fun song dance battle and swords shields gleam in the golden times of Asgard as Meric is made King)

(Slayer comes and the fairy grows to love him with all her heart she and Slayer ride together to war and parties to the woods to play hidey peek she the oldest of all things thinks of him as her father something she never had before him)

(times come and go in her minds eye everything happens again in a play just for her all her life passes in front of her even as she fades away into memory and mist were all fairies must one day go )

(she sets Shadow free into her woods and her mighty sword she places on the ground for the next mighty warrior to find she fades more almost now she can not be seen but still she dose not let go it has been a very long life one filled with happy times as well as sad fun and danger war and peace love as well as despair she dose not think to much about why she dose not let go only that she dose not wish to )

(Mes goings nows buts yous nots have fears mes always looking outs for yous nows ans forevers)(K)
(members mes was always lovings all of yous nows no tears ors mes comes backs ans kickins yous butts)
(the tiny fairy giggles and lets go of this life)

(she smiles showing her fangs as she lets go she and her tree fading from all but the mists of time and the memories of those she loved the Mythiril the Fire Princess travels into the next world flying and giving her war cry )


(listen close because my friends fairies never die they only become harder to hear )

Amanda aka the Mythiril 

Love ya bunches my friends not good by only see you around ok (smiles)

Written 08-19-08 Seven hours before she drew her last breath at the young age of 17.

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