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Age: 113
Sign: Cancer

Country: Norway
Signup Date: December 20, 2015

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A Game Amanda and I Played as Fire Princess and Tiny
Category: Stories

A Game Amanda and I Played as Fire Princess and Tiny

the fairy picks a fight


(in the woods of Asgard the tiny fairy flys between the branchs of her trees as she looks around for something to do)

(mes is bords sos mes gos and findins stuffs to dos )

(as she flys she spots an owel sitting in a tree smileing to her selfe she flys down and lands behind him pulling is tail feathers and yelling her war cry )

(mes to fasts for yous silly olds owls)

(she screaches as the owl truns to fly after her she laughs as the owl nips at her tiny feet as she dose loopty loops dodging the beak of the owl )

(comes ons you big meany yous never cachins mes )

(the owl screaches back at her howling in its way as they fly in the woods playing the games fairys play )


Fire Princess

I will Play with you



(yous wants bes chashins bys an owls tos (K)
(mes findins a biggy ones for yous to pulls on hims tail feathers dem hates dat)


Fire Princess

Yup I will help you pick on those big ol mean owls. we will show them a thing or two



(mes finds a tens foots owl for you to pics ons )
(dem secret ifins you fly in loopy loops dem nots cans cachin yous)


Fire Princess

YAY a ten foot owl sounds great. They won't catch us and hurt us hun we will beat them. Then we make them do what we want them too



(firsts you pulls hims tail feathers den we lys realy fasts den we laugh whens hims gets mads is fun games )


Fire Princess

We will pull his tail feathers, give him a mohock and laugh and see if he tries to chase us. He will look funny with no tail feathers and a mohock huh? Hahaha



(whats a mohwlk is dats a birds)


fire princess

no its when his hair stands straight up on his head *grins*



(hims not has hairs hows yous makes hims mohwlks wifs no hairs silly biggy persons )


Fire Princess *Spits Soda Out Laughing*

coughing too but I am okay haha you are right he has no hair he cant have a mohawk when he has no hair. And you are right I am a silly Big Person



(whats soda and hows comes its in yous nose )


Fire Princess

Coke well the stupid cheap version of it anyway lol. It is in my nose cuz I was drinking it when I read your bully. Your Bully made me laugh. You are always right when you teach us silly big people lessons



(KKKK) still donts knows whats cokes is)

(buts ifs yous wants tos drinks it wifs yous nose its beins K wifs mes)


Fire Princess

I didnt mean too haha we should get back to those owls before they get away


Tiny soda nose

(ewwwwww mes gets it nows yous drinkins soadas(what evers dat is) ans den yous shoots it outs yous noses because you laughins )

(watery boogies ares nastys )


Fire Princess

eweeeee Don't want to do that no more dumps soda out and puts the bottle back in the refidgorator lol but yeah now you got it or maybe we will just get it and dump the soda on the owls they will have sticky feathers then



(sticks brids is funy den we givins dem a bafs)


Fire Princess

hahaha yes we will spray them with the soda and let them get all sticky but then we do have to be nice and give them a bath.



(dem nots likes bafs buts dem do its ifins we holds dem by dem feets )


Fire Princess

Nope they don't like Baths but we can always shorten their wings a little bit so they cant fly away then they have no choice but to take a back *grins


(ifins we cuts dem wings how dem flys tos plays chaseins)


Fire Princess

Good Point they wont be able too they will have to run instead. Now that would be kind of funny to see you think



(mabys but birdys needs to flys likes buggys needs dirts )

(mes showins yous hows to wash dem birdys )(K)


Fire Princess

Yeah you Show me How To hold those silly birdies down and wash them and we will do it. K. We will have fun too


Washing birdys

(firsts you holds dem toes and den yous finds a streams)

(dens yous dips dem in waters and blows on dem to drys dem )


But Don't You Have To

stick something else on the birdies like soap or something to make sure all the sticky stuff comes off



(ans nopes dem splashins arouns lots so dems gts all cleans wifs no soaps )


I got to go for a little bit i be back later if I can its meds times ok


Posted but Never Popped Up Fire Princess

Okay now that I know all about how to wash the birdies we can make them all sticky and them wash them off *grins*

Okay Sweetheart See you Soon

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