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Status: Single
Age: 114
Sign: Pisces

Country: Norway
Signup Date: April 28, 2016

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MinionSatanDaughter's About Me
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What a bunch of lovely coconuts. If you think you know what that means, try me. It is probably not what you think. Happy hunting and Happy Guessing. MUUUUUAAAAAAHHHHHHH. I am a mix hybrid you never even knew existed. You might know who my daddy is, but if you don't too bad. I am not going to tell you. I sure as hell am not going to tell you who my momma, my brothers, sisters, or any of the rest of my family is. Just know that if you find out who the are from some crazy psychotic MOFO and you try to hurt them, just know that I WILL, NOT MIGHT, I WILL F*CK YOU UP. My mixes on my hybrid, wouldn't you like to know. Should I tell you? hmmmm I think not. SUCKERRRRRR!!!! Better luck next time. You think you might know my name, but in reality you don't. I may never tell you. MUUUUAAAAHHH. Time to go race demon cars b*tches. If you are lucky, I will talk to you later. "She waves her hands and disappears up in smoke." Faintly from a distance, you hear her say. "TA! TA! FOR NOW B*TCHES!!!!! I AM THE WORST KIND OF EVIL, SOOOOO KEEP MESSING WITH ME!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO GET COAL IN YOUR STOCKING BECAUSE YOUR YUPPY SCUM!!!!!!! JUST MEANS MORE GIFTS FOR ME!!!!!!

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