King Meric of Asgard

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Status: Married
Age: 113
Sign: Scorpio

Country: Norway
Signup Date: December 20, 2015

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King Meric Speaks to Asgard and all Nine Realms
Category: Stories

From: King Meric of Asgard

To: Everyone in every Realm, on all the Nine Worlds

Meric the ageless, Meric the unyeilding, Meric the undying, and Meric the fighting King of

Asgard paces the podium of the world with his hands clasped behind his back. His armor shines

as lights glint off the highly polished plate steel. The grip of his mighty long sword sits just over

his right shoulder and his coal black hair hangs in a loose tail down his back. He stops in front of

a podium that is nearly as tall as a man. He raises his ice blue eyes and looks down at all the

worlds below. He then speaks in a commanding yet soft voice that can easily be heard on the

battle field as well as in a crowded room. “It has come to my attention that someone is claiming

that which is mine. I am not sure how I feel about this intrusion into my world perspective. On

the one hand, I am rather annoyed. On the other hand, I have always shared what is mine with

the understanding that it is still mine. I feel the need sometimes to draw my good blade “Steel

Dream” or my “Foe Hammer” and defend that which I have lain claim too.” Meric looks to

where his wife Queen Destiny sits smiling and shaking her head at her foolish, yet sweet husband.

Then lets a wicked grin of pure deviousness touch his lips and eyes as he starts speaking again.”

She and all like her are MINE! MINE I SAY! MINE!, and anyone who wishes to argue that point

is welcome to meet me on the Field of Honor for a Joust. “Now having said that, let me be

perfectly clear before all of them decide to take me to task, starting with Queen Destiny. I do not

say I own them in any way, shape, or form. They are all free to do as they will, but make no

mistake, they are still MINE! All that have been, all that are, and all that will come, they are

MINE! MINE! I SAY MINE!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.” Now that is how you claim

women Jr. I see you may still be in for a spanking? I say let her have her way. It is always good to

let her have her way.

Love You All

Your King Meric of Asgard

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