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Status: In a relationship
Age: 109
Sign: Scorpio

Country: American Samoa
Signup Date: June 24, 2016

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Smart ass Danica
Category: Role Play About Me



Danica Lynn NightbreezeDaughter known as the NyghtStar. I am the daughter of King Slayer of France and Queen Nightbreeze of Androia. My twin brother's name is D'Artagnan other wise known to many as D'Arty. The problem is that I am standing here in between the two Realms of Asgard and Androia where I was NEVER supposed to be. As sad as it is between D'Arty and me, only one twin was supposed to survive. That twin was not me. My home is in Valhalla and my brother's Home is in Androia Minor, Asgard, and France too if he wished it.  (rolls my eyes) I would never choose France. My Jack Arse father tried to take Androia from my mom and make it part of France. NOOOOO SPERM DONOR!!!!!  ANDROIA WILL ALWAYS STAND ON ITS OWN!!!


Anyway, like I said, "I am standing here in between the two realms where I was never supposed to be." (Looks for the pitch fork to stick it up D'Arty's Ass, so he flies over the realms and lands his butt on the ground in Androia Minor.) I know he found it hard to stay around after the mother of all Dragons Mythiril passed into another world. What he did not count on is that she still lives. She lives through the Fire Princess Tallia and the Ice Princess Winter Jewel. The three are one. Confusing? You don't need to understand it, you just need to know they are one.


Now I have heard of the Queen of Asgard and her mini how they can direct time and space. That is a pretty awesome task. You might wonder to yourself, why doesn't she go talk to them and ask them to fix it so that both D'Arty and I were meant to stay. It's an Odin thing. He is the power behind all. I can not go myself and ask for things to be fixed. Things have to be fixed through Odin, and that is only if he wants too. He can be pretty moody sometimes. I accepted my fate a long time ago that I am not meant to stay. I am not even really sure my Momma knew I existed. I know the sperm donor didn't know. It crushed my Momma when D'Arty came to Valhalla. It is my job to make sure he comes back here where he belongs. Once he is here I will return to Valhalla once more. My true identity might not ever be known to anyone in the nine realms and it is probably best that they don't even realize that I am around. That way when it is time to go back, no one gets their heart broken.


"Drops a feather and disappears in a cloud of smoke." I will be around somewhere, until my brother gets through the nine realms. Then you will hear from me no more.

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