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Status: Married
Age: 113
Sign: Scorpio

Country: Norway
Signup Date: October 31, 2016

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Morticia's Lost Love Parris Blackstone
Category: Stories

Vampire Princess Morticia Grace Destiny-Aurora-Lokidaughter is the daughter of Queen Destiny of Asgard, Vampire Queen Alysen Scottdaughter, Vampire Queen Aurora Scottdaughter, and the late great King Loki Odinson of Asgard. She is one of the set of triplets, two identical and one fraternal.  For a long time it was Adrianna, Sapphire, and her against the entire world. Even though Adrianna and Sapphire have their loves, they never leave Morticia behind. Morticia, the bitter, I don't give a damn triplet remembers a happier time in her life where she was not bitter and did care. It was a time when her entire love and longing belonged to only one man. The man that had Morticia's heart and will always have her heart was and is Parris  Blackstone. Morticia was Parris' world and he was hers. They lived, loved, laughed, and did mischievous things together. They had not a care in the world. Then one day while Morticia and Parris were out and about causing trouble like they always love dto do, they were ambushed and attacked from an unknown dark knight. While they were both injured, only Parris' injuries proved fatal. Morticia crawled over to her love and pulled him into her arms.  She held onto him, crying softly, asking him to stay. Her tears fell hard as he faded away in her arms. She kissed his lips and stroked his dark hair, pleading, "Please don't leave me." All of the sudden his body just vanished from her arms. Morticia  looked at the ground in shock and dismay, wondering what just happened and where his body went. She vowed that her heart and she would always stay true to Parris. She would never love another again.  After the death of Parris, the only ones Morticia cared about were her siblings, late Father King Loki Odinson of Asgard, and her Mothers.  To this very day there has not been a man to win over Morticia's heart and stop her evil, destructive ways. She does not even try to look for love. 

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