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Status: In a relationship
Age: 114
Sign: Leo

Country: Norway
Signup Date: August 29, 2016

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Category: Role Play About Me

Motto: Live Well, Fight Hard, Die Laughing

Name: Lucinda Hatsthor / Nickname: Lucky

Hair: Blonde shoulder length

Height: 6'7

Eyes: Blue like deep ice

Build: Slim athletic

Markings: None Shown

Attitude: Wild Child

Weapons: Valkyrie Spear and Shield

Charge: Queen of Androia The Nightbreeze

Lucky lives to make Star happy and follows her everywhere. She tends to get them both in trouble, but always helps to get them back out

Odin finds her amusing and indulges her by letting her get away with and do other things no other Valkyries do just because she makes him laugh.

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