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Status: In a relationship
Age: 109
Sign: Scorpio

Country: American Samoa
Signup Date: June 24, 2016

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Category: Role Play About Me

Motto: Live Well, Fight Hard, Die Laughing 

Name: Nyghtstar/ Nickname: Star 

Alias: Danica Lynn (Only used for hiding her true identity.) 

Hair: Dark Brown shoulder length. Keeps two braids, one on each side 

Height: 6'6 

Eyes: Soft Brown 

Build: Slim, athletic, well built 

Markings: Tattoo on right arm and back 

Attitude: Smart ass but not mean 

Weapons: Sword, shield, Valkyrie Spear 

Charge: Twin Brother D'Artagnon 

She is fearless like her mother and has very little of her father in her. She is D'Arty's twin sister. 

Odin thinks she will turn out to be a true old school Valkyrie. 

She lives in Valkajia, the in between realm of all Valkyries. 

She has only one love, a Valkyrie like her named Lucky.

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