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The Silent Hero
Category: Stories

The Silent Hero "For My Best Friend Andrew aka King Loki Odinson of Asgard

As I sit back and look at my life I have many fond memories of wonderful people. I have two heroes in my life, my Daddy King Meric and my Uncle and best friend in the entire world Loki. I want to tell you a story, a true story that is of a very brave King, Warrior, Uncle, and my best friend, my Uncle Loki. Some friends are good. Some are forever but among the friends I have you are truly special Andrew aka Loki. I will remember you always and you will live on in my heart. I will love you forever.

Sit back and enjoy the story. It may be a long one but hopefully one you will really enjoy about  a true hero that many have known and  loved. *Walks to the kitchen and gets a carton of blueberry Ice cream, walks out into the living room sits down on the chair remembering as Sir Scooby and Sir Scrappy jump on my lap with a sly little grin as they remember Loki calling them out on their own little Mischief. Ahhhh Sir Scooby and Sir Scrappy Loki called you two out on your own game didn't he? One of you stole my glasses, I think that was you Mr. Scrappy because Mr. Scooby was too little to reach where they were and then you passed them to Mr. Scooby to tear all to little pieces. *laughs* Loki is the one that told on you Mr. Scooby. You were trying to act like you had nothing to do with it. *Hmmmmmmmm I wonder what Loki would say at the cheesy little grins on your faces now, and yes don't look at me that way, I am eating blueberry ice cream instead of mint chocolate chip because blueberry was Loki's favorite. *smiles and looks towards the sky* Here's to you Andrew Uncle Loki my best friend. Yes, I remember everything. *Grins* My Mom told me one time that she was talking to Loki and she told him that she was surprised I was even talking to him. He asked her why and she told him that I don't trust very many men except my Daddy, Granddad, and my Son. She told him that I was afraid of all the rest.  Did that scare Loki off? No it did not.  He simply told her, "I know she's scared of me, but I will show her that I am nothing to be afraid of." Yes, Andrew I know about this too. Now, let me tell you something Andrew my best friend. You did it, you won your way into my heart. I love you so much. Don't you ever tell anyone how you did it because you are the last one I will ever let in my best friend. *Looking over towards the doorway of the living room I hear my dear friends Freyja, whom is my best friend's wife, Linda, my best friend's daughter, and Penny enter my living room to join me in eating blueberry ice cream and sharing wonderful memories of our true silent hero. I hand Freyja a blueberry ice cream and grin as the other two have already gotten theirs themselves. Blueberry ice cream is good isn't it Freyja? It's the only kind Loki would never waste by throwing it on someone's head. Then I laughed as I remembered him telling me that and then telling me that chocolate ice cream was a different story. He would dump that on someone in a heart beat. Not being able to resist the humor of the moment he said that, I beat him to it and dumped a tub of chocolate ice cream on him and just like I knew he would, he dumped one on me too. I smile and listen to Freyja as she agrees with me and tears fill my eyes once more as I hear her tell a story of her and my best friend Loki. She simply says, " I remember the first time we met, he was hiding from Odin and came to the forest of Asgard and I was siting on a rock by the small river when he appeared there. I knew even back then that he would be the man I marry, even if it did take a few thousand years. Well, as we sat and talked getting to know each other, we heard Odin's booming voice and I looked at Loki and smiled. I told him I know. I handed him my raven covered cloak and told him to put it on and he turned into a raven and flew off so Odin couldn't find him. We have been through a lot together even many battles. He has always been my friend, the greatest anyone could ask for, and at the end my Love." Thank You Freyja for sharing that wonderful memory with us. As we all sit around my living room eating blueberry ice cream and telling stories of our great Silent Hero, I listen as Penny starts to tell hers next. She says, "Hail to King Loki. I can't believe it Tiny. I am so happy you got your Daddy back, but I am very sad that you have lost your best friend. I met him once. He came to my home to hear my story of seeing King Meric. I will never forget that day. He told me that I did King Meric and his family a great honor. I knew then he was part of my family because your Mom Hetta had already made my family and me part of your family. I loved him too and will miss him dearly. Thank you Loki for the honor of getting to meet you. I love you." Thank you Penny. I too remember that day. I was the one that lead Loki to your home. I was spying and watching and remember his exact words to you. He dropped to his knees as tears ran down his face, looked at you and said, "He will live on forever his name will lead us all into glory you have done him and the family a great Honor little one~" Then he lowered his head, put his face in his hands, sobbed and faded back into the Highlands. When he returned he told me asked me to thank you for him. I will never forget that day either. Now Loki my Uncle, my best friend, I will tell you the same thing you told her. You too will live forever and your name will lead us to glory as we remember the time you reined over all of Asgard before my Daddy's return. My gaze moves from Penny over to my best friend's daughter Linda. My heart breaks for her as I listen to her tell her story about her Daddy saying, "I too have memories of my Daddy with me in this Angel form. I would go pick on him all the time. I am just like my Daddy. I remember the fun we had that day when I dumped shaving cream on his face and he told me thank you baby I needed to shave. I dumped water on his head and told him not to forget to wash his hair. I braided his hair and put pink and red bows in it and told him what would they think of the new King of Asgard now. He turned around and said Yup I like it we will start a new trend. * Then I see Linda smile a little and turn to me and say, "I am so happy for you that you have your Daddy back. Uncle Meric is a wonderful man. I am not even born yet and I love him already too." Well Linda, I know my Daddy will love you too. Your Daddy was, is, and always will be a wonderful man too. I remember that day you were playing with him as I was watching you and my best friend. You had so much fun together. You had found out that Loki tried to pretend he didn't know where you and Loki Jr got the shaving cream trick from so you decided to pay your Daddy a visit. You went to him and said, "Daddy I heard you didn't know where Loki Jr and I got the shaving cream trick from." Then you giggled and said, "Need a reminder daddy?" Loki jumped right in there with you and said, "~Nope." Then he hugged you and placed a kiss my arse sign on your back. You giggled and snapped your fingers just like he did, made shaving cream fall on his face, and said, Gottcha Daddy!" Loki looked at you, pulled out a giant razor and said, "~Thank you baby I need a shave~ " You looked at him and said, "Yup yup yup Daddy needs to shave." Then you giggled and splashed water on his face. Loki always was a trickster. He came right back at you. He snapped his fingers and made a garden hose turn on over your head and said, "~Don't forget behind the ears~" You then decided it was time for Loki to wash his hair. "Laughs* You snapped your fingers and turned the water hose into a bucket, dumped it on Loki's head and said, "Don't forget to wash your hair too Daddy." Loki looked at you and said,"~Of course little one ~and looked at you innocently making the water freeze at your feet. I never thought I would see the day the King of Asgard would end up in braids. *laughs again* You went right back at him and said, "Daddy innocent yeah right. Then you giggled, snapped your fingers and made the water melt. Then you decided your Daddy was going to look good in braids so you giggled again and snapped your fingers, turned his hair into little tiny braids, and said," Hmmm the King in braids. Bet they never saw that one before." Loki took it like a true champ.  He said, "~I like it hmmmm." Then he turned and spinned and said it again, "Yep I like it~" You then giggled and said, "Hail to the King In braids Yup Yup that's my Daddy." Loki said, "~hmmm." Then he snapped his fingers and put yours in tiny little braids with red and pink rubber bands, and said," We will start a tend~" That was so funny I will never forget it. *Seeing the look on Linda's face that said, "I can't believe you saw all that." Yes Linda, I was watching. You know maybe my Daddy, your Uncle Meric will let you braid his hair and he can keep the trend going in Asgard. What do you think Linda? It sounds like fun doesn't it." Seeing Linda trying to smile I get up walk over, hug her, hand her another blueberry ice cream and go sit back down. Looking over I see my Mom enter the living room and watch as she grabs the blueberry ice cream and sits next to Freyja and me. I listen as Mom tells of her memories of Loki as she says, "~Loki, he was a great friend who always believed in me as being only a Goddess, not someone who was created. He always treated me as his sister. Therefore, I always got tricked, but then again, I would do the same to him.~~The first time I saw him when I returned, he stuck a worship my arse sign on my back and I stuck a pinch my arse sign on his~ ~I knew his tricks, so I played them with him.~~The next day it was a toad, and I put worms down his pants he took one out and ate it~~He asked me why I didn't get scared like most girls about the toad. I told him remember love all things.~ The greatest thing he ever did was when he gave Ronin to me, his flying horse.~~I still have him. I take good care of him. He's Loki's and mine forever~~He was the truest friend anyone could ask for. I know I should be happy to have my King back, but we don't have Loki, and that saddens me~*~raises my ice cream to our Loki, may his name live on forever as the best friend and greatest and truest anyone could ask for~* *reaches over and hugs her Mom and then grabs another blueberry ice cream.*  Yes, Mom I agree with you completely. He was the greatest and truest friend anyone could ask for. He was my best friend.  We do have him Mom for he is not dead just changed houses. Then I smile and say, "He and his love for all of us will live in our hearts forever. Just then Daddy Meric walks in and joins us. I toss him a blueberry ice cream and listen to Daddy's memory of our dear friend and family Loki Andrew. I hear him say, "My best memory of Andrew is my first. Jonesy told me he had someone he wanted me to meet. When we walked into the hospital room, I saw a boy about twelve or thirteen years old with tubes in him, yellow skin, and a ten percent chance to live through the night. We had to put on all this sterile gear before we could enter. I was crying by the time we entered for my new friend at the time Jonesy more than anything, but he walked up and knelt by the bed and said this is my son Andrew. Just then he opened his eyes and smiled at us. Jonesy asked, "Where do you think you going Sailor? Andrew answered, "Nowhere Sir." I was a goner at this point, but Jonesy smiled and replied, "That's my boy. Andrew fell asleep then and we just sat there all night holding his hand. I felt so bad, but told Jonesy he ain't going anywhere. He did not receive his orders,  but deep down I thought I was meeting and saying good bye to this boy. The next morning he woke up and told us, "See, I'm still here I told you so see and we did. Two or three weeks later, I started the sponsorship program with my Company. To date we have sponsored thirty three kids some have gone into remission, some into Heaven, but all into our hearts but little man Andrew was the first and he was Jonesy's before that. So, what I remember most is the first time I met this little man Andrew and he changed my life." *Tears fill my eyes as I hear Daddy tell his story of Andrew. Thank you Daddy that was beautiful. Andrew was a wonderful guy with a giant heart. I myself will never forget him.  *Looks up and sees her sister Dasha enter the room and watches her as she walks over to Linda and Freyja and hugs them tightly, then to Momma, Penny, and Daddy. Then my eyes meet hers and fill with tears as we both stare at each other not saying a word and hugging tightly* As she sits down to tell her memories I can't help but laugh through my tears as she says, " Well what to say about my favorite Uncle. He was a great man, just misunderstood, but I loved him anyway. He never played tricks on me. All he did was love me and be there for me like I was for him. I know he never played his tricks on me. He said I was special and he couldn't do that, but when I was in labor with the twins, he did dressed up as a doctor and came and asked if I needed his help because it was taking to long to have the girls.  It sure was funny seeing him like that in a face mask and gown ready to help. As soon as I said I had to push he was gone..-laughs- Then she turned to look at me and said: *Tiny*I know he was your best friend, and I miss him so much, but thank you for doing this it helps so much to know he will live on here in our stories of him and our hearts. *Lifts her ice cream to Uncle Loki… the greatest Uncle anyone could ask for.. *Lifts her ice cream up with her sister and laughs through her tears Here Here Uncle Loki, Loki my best friend. Then looks at her sister* Sissy he took off because he didn't want to intrude on My Brother In Law and Uncle Lord Meric's territory. *Laughs* He did play a trick on you Sissy in his last testament. He put a Worship my Arse Sign on your back and said, "Enough said there." Haha Sissy he finally got you. Yes Sissy, he was my best friend and will always be my best friend. No thanks is needed for me doing this. I will do anything for the ones I love. *Looks over with tears in my eyes as I see my daughter Tiny Jr enter the room and join us. I toss her a blueberry ice cream and grin knowing full well that her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip just like her Momma's. I smile through my tears as I hear her say, "I remember when my Grandfather was murdered, my Uncle Loki was always there for my Momma. They had a lot of fun playing around and pulling jokes on one another. He will be greatly missed. "I hugged my daughter tightly, "What you say is true my little Sweetheart. He was always there for me when Daddy died. He always knew how to make me laugh." Suddenly in comes my shadow, my sister Nerthus. I toss her a blueberry ice cream as well and watch her as she greets the family. I hugged her and I hear her say, "Hello my shadow how are you? Your shadow had to come she couldn't miss this.." Then I watched her sit down and listened to her say, "I didn't know Uncle Loki to well. I talk to him one day and he told me what I was goddess of, I still don't get, but I am the one that pulls the sun so it rises and I guide the sailors. We talked for a while, so the letters on my name were G.O.T.S. I put them there to tease him so he would talk to me… He knows what it means because I forgot one letter, it should say G.O.T.S.P. and he said, "You forgot one." He was sick that day but stayed and talk to me. I love him for that, and I will never forget Uncle Loki… he really was the best… I love you Uncle Loki always-" Looking at my Sister, my Shadow, "I knew you wouldn't miss this Sissy. That is a beautiful memory and just like Loki to think of others before himself." I smile as I glance over and see my eldest daughter Kasey come in and grab a blueberry ice cream and I listen to her words, "I came to support my momma and family, to tell Uncle Loki here thank you for making my Momma smile and feel like she belonged. She was a loner, but not anymore thanks to you Uncle Loki. We love you Uncle Loki." I know what my daughter says is true. I was a loner for a very long time. Loki helped me in more ways than he could probably possibly ever imagine. Thank you my wonderful best friend. Just then Sissy Nightbreeze joins us in the living room. I toss her a blue berry ice cream as she sits down and tells of her memories of both Loki and Andrew saying, "I have two memories one of Andrew one of Loki the brave don't scoff or you will taste my steel. I say Loki the brave when all seemed lost for me the dark rider already had me in his grip. I was soon to be lost. I was wounded and dying when my Uncle Loki showed up. He drew his sword and faced the dark rider. Not even Meric the great could have defeated him. I begged my dear Uncle to run away and be safe but he shook his head and said to me and the rider, "I will not. I will stay and defend my Niece. The dark rider knowing the Loki of old was unimpressed. He should not have thought so little of Loki the brave. They crossed blades and it was a hard fight, but in the end Loki did what none before had ever done. He defeated the Rider and saved not only me but his daughter that had come to help. Fayth was so proud of her father as we all were. I still remember the pride in the voice of Odin as he told his youngest son how well he did. "In My memory of Andrew,  I went to Denver to see him to visit him like I did every time I was in Colorado. I walked in to his room. He was not under going Chemo at that time so I did not have to wear all the gowns and masks they make you wear most of the time anyway. I walked in and went right over to him he was 15 then.  I sat on the bed and kissed his head he looked at me with those big blue eyes and asked if I thought maybe someday I might kiss him for real. I looked at him and asked what do you mean? His eyes sparked and he just shrugged. We talked for a little while and when it came time for me to leave, he lifted his head to me but I kissed him right on the mouth  just a quick little one nothing torrid or anything. He turned the brightest red you ever saw and laid back down stammering. I smiled and turned as I reached the door the Scamp said, "Hey, so are you my girl now? I just nodded and he smiled. He and I had an understanding that he was my little man and I was his girl . *hugging my sister tightly I say to her, "Sissy those are beautiful memories and Loki defeating the dark rider proves what a great Warrior he was." I then see Moria come in and join us. I hug her and hand her a blueberry ice cream as she sits down and tells us, " I remember the time Loki asked me to go flying. I had no clue he meant he was going to fly and I was going to yell all day. He took my hand and lifted me off the ground and went straight up laughing at me all the way. I was so mad, but then I knew I was safe with him. He had this way of making you feel safe in is hands and if he loved you it was like the world was yours and he was giving it to you ""Looks around" "whispers " "Sometimes I think he is still here looking to fly me up in the sky again " *Laughs through her tears* You know Moria, he just might be. That is something he would do. You are absolutely right, he always made people feel safe when they were with him. I always felt safe with him too. Just then I sense someone enter the room and glance over at him out of the corner of my eye and smile a little through my tears. I was waiting for him. I knew he would come. Yet, I know that he wants to be alone with his thoughts and I don't blame him, so I leave him alone. I listen very quietly to the thoughts of the one person in this world that loved Andrew more than all of us in this room put together because he is his Dad or as Andrew called him Papa Jonesy and more tears run down my face as I hear his thoughts saying, "All the letters we did share, all the long talks, the visits, the time I came with my entire team and we were all in full battle rattle all decked out in black paint and gear. No one even tried to stop us, Seals in full gear are an impressive sight, but we were the ones impressed that day when we entered his room. You could tell he had been crying, but he wiped his face fast and nothing showed on it, only happiness to see me and the surprise at the look of the team. We all talked to him for an hour and each man gave him something that meant something to us. Bobby gave him his Compus and Jim gave him his Canteen, and the Like then LT gave him his own Knife. That was a hard one to beat when it was my turn. At last, I took the team patch from my shoulder and gave it to him telling him he was a team mate now and forever. His eyes went so wide and he said, "Really?!" The LT called HUT, and we all saluted are new crew man, our boat mate. He saluted back as we left the room. So many memories come back to me as I fall to my knees begging God to hold him tight and never let him go. I know he is your crew mate now God, but remember he may be small, but he is a seal and forever will be." I wanted to get up and hug him so tight before he faded away in tears and tell him that I know God is taking very good care of his son Andrew and Andrew will never forget the father, his Papa that loved him and will love him so much always and forever. Yet, something told me not to. My heart breaks for him because I know he loved his son beyond all measures. As he leaves, I sense someone else wishing not to be seen enter the room and just watch us.  She is the one we call Ana. I hear her thoughts and see her tears as I peak at her out of the corner of my eye. I watch her as she walks to the shadow and looks at me hoping I would notice her in the shadows, which I did and I send a smile her way letting her know I did but, leaving her there because I know she wanted to be alone as~ she listens to stories of him and smiles through her tears~ She was thinking of the day she appeared to him after his wish. I see her look at me and smile and in her mind before she disappeared in a mist of stars she was raising ice cream to Loki with us. I knew she would. I know how much she loved him too. Shortly after she leaves Loki Jr flies in and lands beside his mom and twin sister Linda. I watched him as he looked around at everyone and smiled sadly. Then He looks at Linda and smiles at her. He didn't have any stories to tell of his father because he let his little sister Linda spend all her time with him. I watched Loki Jr and Linda together so many times, and they are as close as any brother and sister could get, even more so because they are twins. Looking at him I could tell that he felt Linda's pain. I know he shared her loss and felt her pain more than the rest of us. Loki jr and Linda are here from the future not even born yet. They didn't get to know their father the way their sisters did. I saw him look at me and I read his mind as he thinks of how his father, my best friend Loki touched my life the most, bringing me out of my loner state. Do I see in me what Loki jr. sees in me and what he says his father saw in me which is that I am kindhearted, loving, and giving. *Raises an eyebrow* I don't know. I never did before. I don't know if I do now. It's the sad truth of it all. *Raises her ice cream with Loki jr. To you Loki, my best friend. Just then someone I have never seen before appears in the room like a bolt of lightening. I had heard about her and always wanted to meet her. I see what they say is true. She acts just like my best friend did. I know him and her were great friends. I listen to her tell her memory of my best friend Loki and her as she looks at us, nods, smiles, and says, " Hello, I am Bethany or Bethy for short. Loki was one of my greatest friends. He made me a goddess. I am just like him. I am the Norse Goddess Of DESTRUCTION AND TRICKORY. He was always making me laugh. I loved him so much. I am glad to have known him. The last time he came to visit he appeared in my bed next to me with his head on his elbow looking at me smiling. Then he said, "Hello Love, long time no see." Then being the trickster he was he peaked under the blanket and said, "My my you really should invest in some pjs. Then he snapped his fingers and my undies appeared on my head." I watched her as she then looked at me, smiled, and said, "He was a great man was he not? I  know he really cared about you and I am happy to finally met you." I hugged her as she hugged me and laughed, " That definitely sounds like Loki. He was always playing tricks on people. I am happy I got to finally meet you too. Yes, he was a great man, more than that. He was wonderful. *Tears fall down my cheeks as I raise my ice cream with hers* Here's to you Loki, my best friend. I laugh as I remember the time Loki took all the bras away. He said he was taking away the most annoying clothes and they were to never return. I joked around with him for a little while and told him he couldn't do that. He said they were one of the most annoying clothes made by man. I said something really crazy. I will never forget. I told him, "You got that right! A man definitely made bras because women wouldn't make annoying clothes for ourselves to wear." Loki said, "Well see now they are gone forever never to return okay." Loki if I forever get in trouble for the clothes I wear with Daddy it's your fault and I am blaming on you. You took the bras away. That's enough said there *giggles* I won't go any further than that. Just then, I see my son Meric Jr enter the room and join us. I toss him a blueberry ice cream as well and listen to him as he says, "Andrew/Loki was a great brave man, who was there for my Mom when she needed a friend. Andrew you will be greatly missed. We all love you." I hug my son tight knowing that he spent many nights watching the bulletins fly back and forth between Loki and me. When I would post something crazy he would tell me, "Mom you are asking for trouble with that one. I would tell him, "I know I know." *Grins at the little things I did on purpose just to get Loki and I going to have fun.* Thank you son and you are definitely right, we all love him and he will be greatly missed. Just then someone else appears in my living room and says, "I am Breanna a good friend of King Loki. I heard of his passing and had to come see for myself that my friend is gone. I miss him dearly. Then she smiles at his family and said, "He was a great man, my Anoradonna, my friend. I shall miss him. What can I say that hasn't already been said about this great man, King ,Warrior, Brother, Father, Friend, Uncle, Son, and Best Friend? He was truly loved by those that knew him and gave him a chance. I came here to help King Meric's family with his loss and now I stay to help King Loki with his family and their loss. To King Loki, he was one of the best and greatest. I hope all of you feel his love. That's what matters the most. Just like his best friend says, "He's not gone, just changed houses.$ Linda then looks over at Breanna with tears in her eyes and says to her friend, "Remember the day we talked about following our family to war to protect them? It was shortly after Uncle King Meric had died. We both said we were going because we weren't losing anyone else in this family. I guess we were both wrong because we did lose someone else. We lost my Daddy." I then got up, walked over to Linda and hugged her once more. I am so sorry Linda for your loss. My heart breaks for you. Then I looked at Breanna and said, "Thank you Breanna for coming and sharing that with us. I had heard about you also and wanted to meet you. Now I have. It's very true you know. Loki is, was, and always will be a great Man, King, Warrior, Brother, Father, Friend, Uncle, Son, and Best Friend." Then I grabbed another blueberry ice cream. Here's to you Loki Andrew my best friend, and sat back down in my place with the others. Right then and there someone else I had never seen before walks into my living room and looks around. I knew she did not know many of us around, but she had to come. Reading her mind I hear her thoughts say, "Loki was a friend of my Mom's Starfire* Then I see her smile as she remembers when he paid her a visit after her mom passed. He gave her the Warrior's Prayer which hangs in her home now. Then as she looks at us she thinks of how she knows our pain, for her mother had only been gone a few months. She thought how lucky everyone here was to have family and each other. After that she looked at everyone, nodded, and walked back out the door. I could still hear her thoughts thinking, "As they say, "Once a loner, always a loner." I wished she hadn't just left like that. She would always be welcome in this family. Yet, I know how she feels about being the Loner. Loki was the one that made me feel like I wasn't one.  Just when I thought no one else was coming my niece Lady Theresa appears in my living room. She's always up to something. As I listened to what she had to say, I could not help but start to cry all over again. She grabbed a blueberry ice cream and said, "Here's to you Uncle Loki. Sadly, I did not get to know my Uncle Loki, but I know my Auntie Tiny well and I know how much he meant to her. I wish I had gotten to know him. Yet, I wanted to come here Auntie Tiny, to tell you and everyone else that in Honor and Memory of our Uncle Loki, Daddy's Princess and Lord Meric Asgard Theater, Casino, and Ocean World in Las Vegas will be adding a Hall Of Fame and in this Hall Of Fame, it will Feature Our Great Uncle Loki and memories of him. Even though I didn't know him, he was my Uncle and I loved him too. Then I watched her lift her ice cream up and say, "To one of the greatest people that ever lived, Uncle Loki. Then she hugged me tight and said, "I must go now back to Vegas and finish my plans that we talked about a few days before. I will see you there Auntie Tiny when you are finished here. I love you." Rainbow Colored Rose Petals fell as she disappeared back to Las Vegas* *Tears ran down my face again as I heard her words. Thank you Theresa for that wonderful gift. I had listened to the memories of everyone in the room of Andrew and Loki and my mind drifts back to more of my own as well and I share them with the others. Andrew/Loki was always one that would read and repost everything I wrote. It didn't matter what it was. Even if I thought it was crazy he never did. He would tell me, "No, you aren't crazy for writing that only crazy if you didn't." One day I wrote something titled My Dream My Wish A Dance With Daddy. It had gone around in bulletins all day. At the bottom of it I had left a note for Andrew. It said, "Andrew if you are reading this, let's go tell the doctors to go fork themselves and go on Some Beach Somewhere drinking Two Pena Colodas One For Each Hand." He said, "Tiny do they let 17 year olds drink that stuff where you are because they sure frown at it here?" I told him, "I will just teleport you to Germany where I really come from. Over there the legal drinking age is 16, and you will be all right." Right after I said that, Andrew Loki posted a bulletin titled For My Friend Tiny. My eyes went wide but I opened it and it said, "I fly Away into the dreams of the world. As you look for me, I look for you ~ ~Can you know the sorrow I feel when I look into the fields of my past~ ~Can you know the Joy I feel when I look into your eyes~ ~Your hand in mine as we walk today, your hand in mine can we stay this way~ ~I fly away into the dreams of the world where I will find you and be yours still ~ ~I fly away into the world with an Open heart and more open mind ~ ~I fly away into the world just me Tiny looking in a big way~ ~come and see come and play come and be with me everyday~ ~Tiny I am and Tiny I will stay but in this life only, for I am more than just all this Maloney~ ~I dream too and when I do I am bigger than the biggest of you because my Daddy holds me high on his shoulders I do ride ~ ~Tiny I love you too~ ~Loki aka Andrew~  My eyes filled with tears when I read that. I couldn't believe he was writing that to me. Andrew I promise you that Tiny little me will always ride high on my Daddy's shoulders until the day I die. Anyway, I will never look at those to songs Some Beach Somewhere and Two Pena Colodas the same way again. Every time I hear them now I will be thinking of Andrew because of what I told him. Then there was the time we were talking about Sir Scooby and Sir Scrappy *glares over at my two trouble maker Knights, smiles slighting, and gives them some blueberry ice cream too* breaking my glasses. Loki said, "Aren't you the Goddess of Time and Space? You can turn back the hands of time to before they got your glasses, take them from them and give them a dog biscuit instead." I laughed when he told me that. Andrew if I could really do that, I would turn back the hands of time and fix it to where you never got sick and would still be here with all of us." Many nights, Andrew and I would sit here and goof off. One night it just seemed like everyone under the sun was messing with me. We were talking about it in messages. He got upset, and said, "Who's messing with you?" I was telling him about it, and in his response I never laughed so hard before because of what he told me to do to that guy that was messing with me . That right there is gonna stay in the many message archives between Tiny and Andrew (Hahahaha). I have kept every single thing Andrew ever wrote me even the most surprising one of them all. He always made me feel loved and always made sure I knew it. Every chance he got he would tell me, "Tiny, I really love you." I never did understand why he loved me so much. I don't know if I ever will. Yet, one thing I do know is that I loved him too. I always have and I always will. He will live on forever in my heart. Just then I see Linda get up, and walk over to the shadows, and take someone by the hand. Everyone turns to stare in her direction as she brings him out of the shadows and we see it is our beloved Andrew/Loki. She looks at all of us and says, "You see, Daddy has been here the whole time listening and watching us. Daddy is fine. He is no longer in pain and he is happy. He would want us all to be happy for him." Our eyes fill with tears as we clearly see that what she says is true. He is no longer in pain and he is very happy. Just then, Linda looks at her Daddy and says, "Come on Daddy, it's time to go Home now." Before they take off to Heaven in the sky she looks back at us and says, "Always remember what Daddy told Tiny. He said, "I am not dead; I just changed houses. I will still be throwing water balloons on peoples heads, only it's the Apostle's heads I am doing it too." My Daddy will have a new job in Heaven now. Every time it rains, that's my Daddy throwing water balloons over Apostle's heads letting us know he is still here watching over us forever." Just then we all watched as Linda took her Daddy by the hand and went up into Heaven with him and took him Home. Everyone in the room just sat there staring in awe for a moment, then we all raised our blueberry ice cream towards the sky, "To you Andrew Loki, Our Silent Hero. You will live on in our hearts and we will love you forever."

Love Always, 


Written in 2007,  in loving memory of my late best friend Andrew AKA King Loki Odinson  of Asgard. (The one and only King Loki Odinson of Asgard. All others are fake..) Ten years later Andrew the pain of losing you did not get any better. I doubt it ever will. I will always love you and miss you until the day we meet again. Even then, I will still be loving you.

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