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Status: Single
Age: 109
Sign: Taurus

Country: Norway
Signup Date: June 24, 2017

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OOC: From the Writer 

"I'm just a Country Girl at Heart." 

[In Loving Memory of Melissa Ann Bowman 6-23-17 [Gone way too soon, but never forgotten.] 

Country Girl and Norse Goddess of Healing Melissa Anne CaraLindaDaughter was actually created for more than one reason. Originally created because the doctor gave the writer some unsettling news about her hearing. She learned that she may be going deaf in her right ear. To some this might not seem like a big deal, but for her it was a huge deal.  She is used to things malfunctioning on her left side because of a stroke she had when she was just a month old. That meant that her left side was always shorter and weaker than her right. You see, it would not have mattered to her if it was happening on her left ear. She would have just shrugged it off as, "Oh Well. It's just another Malfunction on my left side." That was not the case. This was happening on the other side, the right side, the side that in her opinion was supposed to handle anything and everything. 

Logically and truthfully, she knows that is not how it really works, but one can dream right?  After all, you can't miss what you never had, which in this case would be a strong left side. However, you can miss what you have had and lost.  In this case it everything on the right side. The fact that she could be losing the hearing in her right ear sent her into a spiraling depression. She was later diagnosed with a condition called Hyperacusis which is completely the opposite. In this case, the writer over hears things and things are to loud. 

Once she started climbing that wall of depression, she created the profile of Melissa Ann CaraLindaDaughter. Melissa was not really supposed to be a character. In fact, at first, she did not even have a name. She only had the display name Music Row.  She was originally created just to help the writer get a jump start on her music and noise therapy she is going to have to do in order to retrain her brain because she was diagnosed with Hyperacusis.  She bought an MP3 player to download songs on it so she can get a jump start on reprograming her brain on noise and music.  She made a blog on Melissa's page Titled MP3 Player. That blog has a list of every song on her MP3 Player and the artist that sings it for anyone who want to follow along. The blog itself will be updated almost on a daily basis. 

While the writer was trying to climb out depression from the Hyperacusis diagnoses, her friend Melissa Ann Bowman died tragically in a car accident on June 23, 2017.  The writer decided to get music row and still use her for her own therapy, but also turn it into a character dedicating her to her late friend Melissa Anne Bowman. 

IC Description: 

Name: Norse Goddess of Healing Melissa Ann CaraLindaDaughter - Melissa of the Machete /Lil' Missy 

Princess of Corrupted Angels and Asgard. Sister of Steel of Androia 

Age : Somewhere between 18 and 200 

Birth Place: Corrupted Angels 

Hair: Blonde/ Red: Waist Long 

Eyes: Blue 

Markings: Tattoo of a Machete on her right hip and a pair of cowgirl boots on her left hip. 

Height: 6 ft. 6 in. 

Relationship: Single 

Mothers: Princess of Asgard, Queen of Corrupted Angels Linda Franchesca Lokidaughter - CaraWife 

Androian Sister of Steel, Corrupted Angel's Mistress Cara of the Walls

Siblings:  Twin Sister Penelope Autumn CaraLindaDaughter
               Amanda Mythiril AngelWife
               Alan Maxwell CaraLindaSon 

Melissa is a descendant of the Late King Loki Odinson of Asgard. He was the Norse God of Trickery and is her Grandfather. While she, her twin sister, and her two older siblings do like to cause chaos, they also know when to get down to business and fight for what they believe in. Her Moto to live by is: HONOR! GLORY! DEATH! She laughs as she battles in war with the Sisters of Steel. Death is not something to be afraid of, but looked upon as an Honor to die for her Queendoms and Kingdoms. 

A country Rebel at heart, Melissa will make you draw your last breath with her Machete and dance to your death dancing to a country tune. Although completely the opposite of her Punk Rocker Twin Penny. Melissa and Penny are extremely close. If you mess with one, you mess with the other.

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