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Ride Cowboy Ride
Category: Stories

Ride Cowboy Ride

One of the nicest Cowboys I ever knew

Finished his final Rodeo on Earth where he was passing through.

It came as a shock to all he knew

That this Cowboy got off his horse, spread his wings and flew.

Now in Heaven with the Angels he does ride.

They all continue to ride side by side.

Now all I can say is ride Cowboy ride.

Ride with all the Angels by your side.

Ride Cowboy Ride

I know that Prince Midnight and my Rodeo Princess will have a Cowboy Angel riding by their side.

Ride Cowboy Ride

The Prince and Princess will feel your guide.

Ride Cowboy Ride

Ride into the wind letting the Rodeo sounds be your guide.

The Midnight Prince is a proud high spirited one,

Just like the Princess that has rode and won.

Your last Rodeo on Earth was not in vain.

You were sent to Heaven to guide them through the rain.

Ride Cowboy Ride.

Ride with the Midnight Dark Prince by your side.

Steady his run around the barrels in the sun.

Guide the Prince and Princess until the race is won.

Ride Cowboy Ride

Ride with my Princess, her Prince, and the Angels by your side.

Ride Cowboy Ride

Forever in the Rodeo in the sky.

I know you will be guiding my Princess and her Prince as they fly.

Ride Cowboy Ride.

Written By: The Ghost Writer

This poem is written and dedicated to Mr. Christensen my Rodeo Instructor. Rest in Peace Mr. Christensen.

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