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Status: Married
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Second Revised Lonely Cowgirl's Dream
Category: Stories

Second Revised Lonely Cowgirl's Dream 


Deep in the heart of Kansas lives a young attractive woman in her early 20s. Most folks called her Maree, but her real name was America Wade. Being an Anglo woman , that stood at about 5 foot 6 inches tall with blue eyes, shoulder length, straight sometimes curly blonde hair, and about 120  pounds that  often times turned into 220 pounds, America did not feel or even believe she was an attractive woman. Folks would tell her that just because she is an American Woman that did not always have the Barbie thin figure did not mean she was not beautiful. In fact, all the folks in town thought she was very beautiful. However, she did not realize how right they really were, until a new cowboy came to town.


This rugged, 6 foot 6 inches tall, Anglo Cowboy, with short, straight, blonde hair, and muscles that looked as if they could lift a sky scraper’s name was Matt Hendricks. This cowboy from afar became a local cowboy by making Kansas his home. The first rodeo that came to town, America went too. She saw this muscle bound cowboy and fell head over heels in love with him. She figured that he would not even notice she existed. After all, he was new in town and probably did not know anyone. However, Maree was so wrong. 


Matt won the rodeo that day and he saw her cheering him on as he got the trophy in the middle of the crowd. Maree turned to leave happy and satisfied that Matt won. Just as she turned to go, she felt a hand on her shoulder. As she turned around to see who it was, she came face to face with Matt. Matt had stopped her from leaving. “Howdy there Ma’am. I could not help but notice your beauty through the crowd and I had to come introduce myself.” My name is Matt Hendricks. You miss, are America Wade.” She stared at him stunned and he touched his hand to her face and kissed her without warning. She stepped back from the kiss starting at him. “How did you know my name? Who are you? Why did you kiss me?” Matt chuckled to himself. In time my dear, in time you will know who, how, and why. “I….I want to know now, “she stammered. He touched his fingers to her lips and said, “SHHHHHHH!!!” and picked her up putting her on his horse and led the horse away.


Even with all her protests he led the horse and said nothing. Once they reached a little cabin in the woods, he stopped the horse, tied him up, and took her off of the horse. He carried her in his arms inside the cabin still not saying a word to her. All she can do is stare at him in shock.” Once inside the one room log cabin he slowly places her on the bed. He smiles that mischievous little grin and says, “You don’t remember me Maree, do you?” She stood in silence and just stared at him wondering to herself who he was. She did not want to admit to him that she did not remember him.


He slowly moved over to the bed and sat on the edge of it, not wanting to make her even more uncomfortable. He was just hoping that with a little bit of time, the memories of their childhood would come back to her. He had been in love with her since they were children, but circumstances did not allow for them to even play together in the public eye.


 Just then, suddenly Maree gets a flash back to her childhood. Her mother had just died in a house fire and she never knew her dad. He had left before she was even born. She spent much of her time running away from one orphanage after another. She had felt lost and alone, until one day she met a boy that was the same age as she was. At the age of ten neither one could really make decisions for themselves. She did not want to be in that orphanage and they kept sending her back. The law said she was a minor child and had no say so for herself.


When she met this boy they had no care in the world about what was going on or even who was after them. This young boy did have a family of his own. He was Anglo just as she was. His family would not let them play together because they were rich and she was a poor orphaned girl. The town’s people back then had labeled her as a misfit. If all the adults had their way, they were going to make sure Maree and this little boy never played together.


Thinking about it, she could not help but wonder if this man was that little boy. She could not remember the little boy’s name. After all, it was many years ago. She tried to think to herself what his name was. Tears fell from her eyes as she wondered out loud, “Matt!, is that really you? I have not seen you in years.” Matt smiled and stated, “Yes, my dear precious Maree, it is me. You my Love are my long lost love from long ago.” As she heard his words run through the crisp air, she could no longer help herself. She fell right into his arms and let him hold her for as long as he wanted too.


“Matt, I can’t believe it is really you! That night after we played all night together on the beach, the orphanage came for me again. They told me to forget about you. You and your family had moved away. I thought you were gone forever.” He softly kissed the top of her head, “Not in this life time My Love, or in any other lifetime for that matter. You were the glue that kept me together all these years. I spent years planning a way to get back to you.


Remember what I told you that last night that we played around on the beach? I told you that no matter what happened not to give up on me. We were connected and somehow, someway we would find our way back to each other. Here I am and here we are my Queen.” Tears ran down his face as he softly kissed her on the lips and pulled her closer to him." Maree looked in his eyes and she suddenly got all the reassurance she needed. He truly was the person he claimed to be. Only he would have known in such detail as that what he told her long ago.


He softly caressed her cheek and whispered, “Now that I found you, I will never let you go again. There is nothing to stop us from being together now.” Although, it seemed as if they were moving fast, they did not care what the town’s people thought. Maree packed all the things she had in her little one room apartment and moved in with Matt on his four bedroom ranch style home that looked over the forest where the wild horses did ride.


 She no longer felt lonely, not wanted, and not loved. She could feel all the love Matt had for her in his heart and knew she was finally home. She understood his lifestyle of course. With just the fact that he was a real cowboy, active in the rodeos, she knew he would travel a lot. She could live with that because she knew he was finally hers forever.


 She never thought she would see him again and just the idea that he traveled all over just to find her made her love him even more. She never spoke of him after they got separated all those years ago because even though she was little, she knew that even mentioning his name would bring trouble for him and she did not want that. They were children back then. They did not know what love truly was. What they had was a crush or even puppy love.


She looked up at him from her deep thoughts and softly caressed his cheek. He took her hand in his and leaned over to kiss her ever so deeply and passionately that they could feel the effects of the kiss all the way through their bodies. They made love that night and held each other close all through the night.


 Early the next morning, Matt woke before Maree did. He softly kissed her lips so he did not wake her. He had a few surprises in store for her. He quickly got dressed and ran into town. He picked up a dozen red roses and stopped to pick up some breakfast from a local restaurant. He wanted this moment to be special. After all, the biggest surprise has been burning a hole in his pocket since the night before. He was glad she never discovered it, even though there had been a few close calls. He was hoping to get back home and set everything up before she woke.


America slowly started waking up from the bed. When she rolled over, her hand touched the mattress and she realized Matt was not there. “Where could he have gone?", she thought to herself. She did not remember him telling her that he was going anywhere this morning. She shrugged it off not thinking twice about it because she knew he would be home soon.


While she waited for him to return, she decided to take a shower. After she got into the shower Matt arrived home. He peaked into the bedroom hoping she was still asleep. A look of disappointment came a crossed his face as he noticed she was no longer asleep in the bed. Then, he heard the water from the shower, and smiled once more. “She will be in there for a while. It gives me time to set up," He thought. He quietly turned around to get everything ready. He put the red roses in water in a vase and set it on the table. He made sure the breakfast was still hot as he divided it on the two different plates. Once he got it together, he placed them on the table. Just as he finished, she walked out of the room and smiled brightly at him.


Matt walked over and kissed her deeply and then pulled the chair out for her to sit down. He then went to sit down across from her so he could look deep into her eyes. As they ate breakfast, they talked about what the day would bring. America had no idea that it was not going to be the way they talked about it at all. It was going to be even better.


She could not figure out why Matt could not stop smiling at her, when all of the sudden she noticed that the red roses has a little dark blue box tangled in the middle of them. She reaches over to get the roses and carefully unties the little blue box. Once she got it free she just stared at it. She was not quite sure what she should do.


She glanced up at Matt who was now right next to her. “Open it my Love. It is for you.” She slowly opened the little blue box and stared in amazement at the white gold diamond ring sitting there before her. Matt carefully took it out of the box and got down on one knee. “America, my Love, we met when we were young. We were torn apart by society. Time has brought us back together. Together with you forever is where I want to stay. Would you make me the happiest man in the entire universe and be my wife? Will you marry me?”


America sat stunned for a second and murmured, “Yes Matt, I would be honored to marry you and be your wife. You have made me the happiest woman in the entire universe. They both cried tears of joy knowing that this can only be nothing but new beginnings for them. Matt smiled through his tears and softly spoke, “My love, here’s to a new life and new beginnings, to a life full of happiness, hope, and love." 


Written By the CS Ghost Writer

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