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Status: Single
Age: 114
Sign: Gemini

Country: Norway
Signup Date: December 23, 2015

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Category: Role Play About Me

King Scott Mericson is the King of Altar. He was born and raised in Asgard, Norway. He is the first born of Lord Meric and Lady Theresa of Asgard. He has several bothers and sisters. His children, Wyatt Jr, Tessa Jr, Charmed Jr, Scott Jr, Nightshine, NyghtSky, Alysen, Aurora, and Maree are all grown up and on their own. He still grieves the loss of his son Charmed Jr whom went out to battle to defend Asgard and became one of the fallen heroes. His ex-husband Charmed Sr went on to have affairs and do his own thing in life. His wife Nathalia died many years ago in battle next to him. Though he wanted to die with her, he knew for the children he had to remain strong for his children "He laughs as he thinks about one of his best friends, Queen Nightbreeze of Androia." While they did have a fling for a while and had two daughters together, Nightbreeze had two daughters together, they never married and remained friends. 

He was first the King of Dalvengyr and Dalvengyr ended up in ruins. He then became the evil dark Knight for his Grandfather King Meric of Asgard. Now the King of Altar which he has remained for centuries and will always remain, he concentrates on his Family and Kingdom, always living by the Motto HONOR! GLORY! DEATH!

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