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Age: 114
Sign: Leo

Country: Belgium
Signup Date: June 19, 2017

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It was a cold cloudy morning in a town in Michigan as the sky started to spinkle but it was a good day. Abraxas punched in as Bobbie started to question about his Saterday.
"Why the hell didnt you finish the truck the stock was all over the back room" going into the to put items away then got called back out to the front."

"Abraxas what the hell is going on this is the second week in a row you left the back room a mess fix it i dont want to come back next sunday with it like that again."

Abraxas went to the back and started to plan he pulled out his favorite toys as he call them back one at a time. "Hey Bobbie come here to the back pleace i need help with this freezer please. " Bobbie came to the backroom as he stepped in Abraxas jumped down driving the razor wire deep into his throat. The blood started to run down his body as it dripped onto the floor " come on get free" as he started to laugh out . Seconds later his body comes crashing down as blood went everywhere. Abraxas walked to the bathroom and cleaned up. Hearing a scream coming from the back room everyone hurry to the back. Abraxas notice the cumotion and walk to the front door and locked it as he fucked up all the locks.

Pick up the phone paging "Attention co-workers welcome to your death whos next" walking back to the back stopping at a freezer opening the door grabbing a 2x4 with 5 inch spikes in it. Stepping up to Jerry as he rounded the corner taking a swing as he drove the spikes deep into his head as the spikes drove though his eyes.

"Oh Amanda come here sweetie Ido have something for you dear." Abraxas pulled out the very sword that was made blood stain steal as he dropped down in front oh her cutting off her breast. She let out a blood cuddling scream placing his hand over her mouth as he silents her snapping her neck with one quick move. She dropped to the floor as dave was the next to go throwing a spear into his body as it explodes.

Hearing the cops busting through the glass door as smoke filled the store he yelled from the back it "back here i cant find the one responceable for it" as Matt yelled out. Abraxas walked his way threw the washers and driers. Stepping outside pulling the trigger and pressing the button. With a 10 second delay Abraxas was walking down the side walk as the store blew up wiping out the whole building.

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