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Age: 28
Sign: Leo

Country: United States
Signup Date: October 24, 2017

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My profile rules
Category: Role Play About Me

Roleplay rules:

Disclaimer: I am  not the person portrayed in these photographs. They are for roleplay and entertainment purposes only.

1. Do not steal my pictures

2. My character is currently single.

3. Do not godmode me. if you auto kill me or rape me  I will delete you with no warning.

4.I will rp in comments or messages let me know which you prefer.

5. All OOc comments go in messages.

6.  If you want to discuss a creative storyline with me please do. (in messages)

7.I am over 18 so I can rp mature subject matter.

8.I will rp para mostly.I can try multipara but no novella  or one liners  please.

9. Please use proper punctuation. Ií can'tí understand a post with a bunch of what seems to be run on sentences with one period.

10. Spelling. If you make one or two typos that is fine, but I recommend you use spell check most word programs have it. And please donít use webspeak like u r  grate.

11. Please don'tí bring rl drama onto my profile or my status.

12. Talk to me! You added me so I guess you want to rp with me.So send me a message.

13. Have fun!

14. If you read this sign these and make your signature something creative instead of the mundane read and understood.

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