Giant Fairy Gretel Freewing

Last Updated: Tue 06 Feb 2018, 20:19:54

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Age: 113
Sign: Scorpio

Country: Norway
Signup Date: February 01, 2018

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About Me
Category: Role Play About Me

Name: Gretel Freewing. 

Race: Giant Fairy 

Age: unknown Form: Varies depending on her mood 

Hair and Eye color: change depending on her mood. Hair goes from blonde to jet black. Eyes from pale blue to bright red. 

Size: from 2 inches to 10 feet also depending on mood or need. Alighnment: mostly good. But has her moments. 

My name is Gretel Freewing. I am no ordinary fairy. I am a giant fairy. My mother was a giantess and my father a fairy king. I have made the darken wood of Utgard my home. Most look on Utgard as a realm of evil. Well maybe it is. But if so then where else would need me as much to make a place of light? I have cast many powerful spells of protection over my woods. So that from the outside my woods look dark and most foreboding. But to those that can see my woods are bright and full of life. Beware those that come to my woods with dark intent. For I will protect them. 

More about Gretel 

Gretel is a good fey. But she does have her moments of wickedness. She is slow to anger but once there she is a most formidable warrior. She like most fairies likes shinny things. She is jealous of the things she has in her hoard. Unlike most fairies she has had very little dealings with big people. Other than in battling them, so she has some troubles understanding them. In her recent posts she has found a big person in her woods. She has taken him to her home. She is not sure what to do with him as of yet. He may end up part of her treasures. One thing of note, Gretel has never been in love. But like most feys it could be dangerous if she should fall in love. She is a fairy after all they don't have the same rules we do. And she is for sure the jealous type... 

Do come to the dark woods if you dare. 


Color notes 

Eyes: Red is anger or irritation. Green is loving or lusty, blue is mischievous, brown thinking, grey happy. 

Hair blonde happy, black fighting, red angry, brown relaxed. 

More later. G

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