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Age: 39
Sign: Cancer

Country: United States
Signup Date: August 29, 2016

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The light starts to Fade
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as time went one and things started to change within BloodMoon. Chaun started to feel like she was losing her mind. she started to hear voices in her head. Most of them telling her to kill the ones who have done her and her family wrong. 

Chaun's once warm smile turned to a cold and evil smile. the madness was taking ahold of her. her iced blue eyes slowly grow cold and dark. she started to not care about anything. 

as she sat in her throne one night as the blood moon hung high in the sky. A moon not seen that often within the sky. she took a deep breath as she stood up. she started to walk to the window to answer the calls of the hell hounds as they called out to her. 

As she made it to the middle of the room she stopped as her goblet slipped from her hand and shattered as it hit the black marble floor of the throne room. she closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. she was trying everything to keep control of the evil she had cased within her. she she opened her eyes her once iced blue eyes were know blood red. she tried to take a step as she feel to her knees. she screamed out as a evil grinned crossed her lips. 

In no time one of her guards made there way through the doors of the throne room with his sword drawn not known what was going on. As Chaun heard him enter she stood up and turned to him. she sow his sword in his hand as she pulled one of her daggers from his holster. she looked at him as she tilted her head and laughed. she than took a step to him as he was walking to her. The guard stopped right in front of his queen. He than could tell that the queen was not her self. he sow her red eyes and started to take a step back. 

Just as he went to step back Chaun grabbed his wrist and pulled his back to her. she grinned at him as she walked around him. she stopped he him his as she moved her left hand up his back and than across his shoulder. she grabbed his throat as she wrapped her thin long fingers around his throat. As the guard went to call out to the other guards Chaun brought her right hand up that held her dagger in it. she brought it down to rest on is throat. she told him to shut up are she was going to let her dagger do the talking. 

the guard did not do as she told him to he screamed out again to the other guards to come to his aid at once. As he started to scream out Chaun's eye grow black as she got tired of the guard not doing as told. she slowly ran her Dagger across his throat as she felt his warm blood run down her fingers. 

As two other guards ran in she turned her eyes to them as she let go of the other guard. his body fell to the ground. the fall of the now dead guard was heard through out the throne room as it echoed. Chaun stood there with a evil smile on her face as she stood in a pool of blood now. 

she was trying to fight back. Chaun did not want what she trapped within her to take control. She knew this thing would kill all that it set its eyes on. she knew she needed to make it to the one person who could help her. She needed to make it to Device and she needed to do it as fast as she could and she needed to do it alone. 

Device was the only one who could help her at this point and she knew it. She walked over and grabbed her sword and placed it in the holster on her back. she started to walk out the castle. she called out to Blaze as she fought with everything to keep control. As Blaze stopped in front of her she jumped up and told him to take her to Device at once and do not stop for anyone or anything. 

As Blaze came to the gates of Darkmoor he stopped. Chaun looked around as her bright red eyes glowed in the moon light. she had the feeling that someone of something was watching her. she grinned as she slid down off Blaze and pulled her sword. she demanded Blaze to go to the castle and do not stop that she would be close behind. 

Chaun looked around as the treeline looked as if it danced a evil dance of position. she moved closer to the trees as she heard something move. A big grin crossed her lips as she held her sword high in her hand. she yell out. " bring your ass before me whoever in lurking amougest the trees."  she got no answer as her eyes started to become darker. she tired of waiting she moved to the trees. 

Just as she went to move into the trees a what looked liked a assassin jumped out with a dagger in hand. he was coming right at Chaun. she bright her sword high as the assassin came down she ran her blade through his chest. the blood dripped down her sword as he hung over her. she raised her right foot as she pushed him back. he feel to the ground dead. the sword went right through his heart. Chaun grinned evilly as she pulled her blade and grabbed her branch coat and cleaned her blade off. 

After cleaning her blade she placed it up and kneeled down as she ripped the kingdom symbol off of the dead assassin. she placed the patch in her bag and than stood up and started making her way to the castle of Darkmoor. her eyes slowly turned back to blood red. 

As she made it half way to the castle. she stopped just for a second to make sure the glow of the lights from the castle could be seen. she took a deep breath as the screaming started again from the evil trapped with in trying to get out. she took a few steps as she fell to her knees. as she fell to her knees she screamed out in hopes that Device would hear her cries and come to her aid. " DEVICE MY FRIEND I NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. COME TO ME HELP ME. I THANK THE LIGHT IS FADING FROM ME." 


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