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The New Princess Naya Valo
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As time went one and Naya spent her life in BloodMoon at Queen Chaun's side. To Naya Chaun was her mother even that she truly was not. Chaun was the pne person in Naya's life that never tried to hurt her and always kept her safe on top of always showing her love. Love was the one thing Naya thought she would never get to know or even feel.  Naya felt after everything she had been through in Hell that no one would ever care about her. 

After being in BloodMoon for many years Nays started to feel at home and loved. No one within BloodMoon ever judged Naya. She was always treated with love and respect from all. 

Naya always as the sun set over the. Kingdom would go for a walk through the kingdom and down to the dark forest. Most the time Chaun would be close behind her as she left for the dark forest.

 The one night as the moon was high in the sky and Chaun was busy dealing with problems within the kingdom, Naya headed out of the kingdom and down the way to the dark forest. Naya made it about half way to the dark forest when she started hearing noises behind her in the tree line. She could not see anything but knee something was close at hand.

Naya turned to head back to the kingdom as she felt uneasy and knew that something was not right. She started walking slowly as if nothing was wrong at first. She did not wany to let what ever it was following her know she knew it was there. 

As she could hear it get closer she looked back over her shoulder as she sow a hinter standing in the middle of the road. Her eyes went wide as she took off running she was not far from the gates of BloodMoon. She yelled out for her mother and her Uncle Ville. She knew she needed help and she needed it fast.

As she got to the gates of BloodMoon she yelled out to the guards to get her mom amd uncle that a Hunter was close behind her. She kept running as the hunter came up behind her and grabbed Naya by the back of the neck she took a deep breath as he picked her up off her feet. Tears started to fall down her face as she fought to get free from the hunter.  

The hunter who grabbed Naya had been trying to find away to get to the queen for many years and never foubd away.  He was one that loved his job and did not care whst others thought of him. He grabbed Naya by the neck tighter as she tried to get away from him. All he could do was laugh at her. 

A big grin crossed his face as he sow the queen running across the court yard with her sward in hand. He knew he was going to get the battle he had been waiting do long for. 

Chaun yelled out at the hunter as she got close. She told him to reless Naya at once that it was her that he wanted. The hunter laughed at Chaun as he held his dagger up high in the air as Chaun brought he blade up he started laughing like a bad man as he bright his dagger down sinking it deep into Naya's chest as he let her go dropping her down to the ground. " there queen if you want your daughter so bad than you can join her."

Chaun's eyes went wide as they turned black as night. She never stopped until she made it to the hunter. She knew she had the upper hand being that she did not see a sward on him only the dagger. " i will not be joining her in death. For she will not be dying. You will be the only one dying and i will be deliving you to Satan myself." 

The hunter laughed as Chain chanrged him. When she charged him that is when he realized he did not have his sward he had let his ego get the best of him. As Chaun rushed him Ville came in from behind the hunter as he let his fangs grow and his eyes turned a bright red as he sunk his fangs deep in his neck. He than ripped the hunters throat out as he glared at him. " you have tried to take one of my family from me now it is your turn to dye." 

She stopped as she sow Ville. Shw dropped her sward as she ran over to Naya who was laying in a pool of her own blood. She cried out to Satan." Satan come to me now i need you my friend. Someone has dared to try and take my dear Naya from me. Come take his soul and fix this wrong."

As Chaun sat in the middle of the court yard holding Naya in her arms a bring red light appeared before her it was Satan. He looked at Chaun as she held Naya so dear and close to her. Naya was given to chaun bu Satan as a gift and he did nit like seeing his gift or friend hurt. 

Satan walked over to Chaun as he kneeled down and placed his hand on her chin and brought her face up to his. " Chaun i will take this soul you offer me. I also will be taking this body that Naya is using being that it is dying. In return for the soul and the body I shall replace Naya's body with a new one. I shall place her soul within a new body."

Chaun looked at Satan as he spoke. He had his men remove the hunter from the court yard. He than looked at Chaun as he stood up and placed his hands under Naya's body and removed her from Chaun's arms. "Give my men a few minutes and you will get to meet the new Naya. She will remeber everything that has ever happened to her." 

Satan turned and handed Naya to her head man as he started walking away from Chaun. " No Chaun one more thing. I do expect to see you within my home to spend time with me very soon or i will come back and take Naya from you."

As Satan started to walk through the door way into Hell his man returned with the new Naya. He walked her over to Chaun as he stopped he before Chaun and lowered his head, bowing to the queen." My queen i bring you back your daughter Naya" Chaun smiled as she stood up and looked at Naya, yes she did not look the same but Chaun did care she was still the princess that she had loved from the day she came into her life. 

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