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Age: 39
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The Dark Forest
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*as howls could be heard from afar yet not to far from the kingdom. BloodMoon was a peaceful kingdom yet was ready for anything that might happen.the howls can from the dark forest.

Most the time the dark forest was quiet and nothing ready happened within. It. Yet on this night the howls sounded more of a cry of anger . Many things lived within the dark forest. Yet most just wanted to live and be left alone than hurt anyone.

The darkness of the forest could be seen from the castle of BloodMoon as the howls cried out again. Yet what was it. Was it a hell hound that had been known to make there way to the castle from time to time or was it a wolf that had found their self lost within the forest. Even worse there was known to be hunters within the forest.

Howls cried out again. As it now echoed within the kingdom. Now sounding like cries of help. Cries out pain. Could the hunters be out there could they got them someone.

As she could not take it anymore she got up and grabbed her daggers and placed them in their holder. She than grabbed her sword and placed it on her back as she made her way out the castle. Blaze waiting her. She made it down the stairs as she got on Blaze het horse. She took off for the dark forest. She stopped at the entrance of the dark forest as she got down off Blaze and sent him on his way. She then turn and started to make her way into the forest not sure what could be in the forest.

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