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Status: Married
Age: 107
Sign: Virgo

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Mission of a Lifetime (Sneak Peek - Not Yet Finished)
Category: Stories

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(R. I. P. First Knight Sir Scooby 12 - 5 - 10)

Christ is the ever lasting attorney, I thought as I sat on the window staring out at the deep blue sky. It is Jesus Christ that defends us to our Heavenly Father in order to allow us to enter the Pearly Gates of Heaven to have ever lasting life. He paid the price for us all. Does anyone on God's green Earth want to tell me why no one on Earth these days is willing to defend Him with the same conviction that He defends us with. I sigh and frown at the thought before answering my own question. It is because not one of us loves and forgives the way He does.

Yes, that is the sad truth of it all. There is a selfishness deep down inside of each and every one of us. It is a selfishness we must send on a one way trip to the moon. It is a shame NASA has taken it's final trip into space. We could have stuffed the space shuttle full of all the selfishness in the world and sent it straight to the moon on the next trip.

Well, there is no use in doing some wishful thinking. That will accomplish nothing and get us no where. Right this very second, I declare myself an Attorney for Christ. It is time for the Knight's for Christ Gang, led by Sir Scrappy Doodle Dandy and me to get moving and do something about it.

I must have said that out loud. I had no idea that anyone was even listening to me. In fact, I thought all these thoughts were only going around in my mind. Obviously this was not the case because at that very moment, I felt something cold and wet on my hand, followed by a soft chuckle. I looked over and saw my faithful, trustee First Knight Scrappy Doodle Dandy boy or Sir Scrappy for short sitting next to me. I gently patted him on the head and told him, “Yes, my faithful First Knight, it is time to get the K. 4. C. Gang together for a long mission.

Frowning, my Snappy little Papillon stared over at the glass cabinet at the famous cup and saucer that joined them on every other mission before. It has been retired since the heroic fall of our faithful First Knight and Sir Scrappy's best friend, Sir Scooby. I watched as tears ran down from my faithful knight as I heard him whimper. I pet him gently. “I know my knight. I miss him terribly too.”

The feisty five pound miniature dachshund, First Knight Sir Scooby lost his life in a battle the night of December 5, 2010, as he was protecting his troops from the enemy. He died a hero and went Home to Glory. Since then, nothing in the K. 4. C. Gang has ever been the same. Sir Scooby is dearly missed. This is the very first mission that has taken place since he went Home to Glory .

“Sir Scrappy, are you ready to round up the rest of the K. 4. C. Gang and start the mission of a lifetime?” With tears flowing from his eyes he started wagging his tail.

Smiling at him I told him, “Don't worry my knight. My faithful little Dachshund is watching you and will help guide you along the way. You have always made him proud. Drying the tears from eyes, Sir Scrappy started getting ready to call a meeting with the rest of the gang.

Since Sir Scooby went Home to Glory, Sir Scrappy became the one in charge and first in command. However, even after all this time, he still had not chosen who was going to be his second in command. There are a lot of new recruits, but the one that is to be his second in command had to have the wisdom to take that position. Many of the youngsters were still pretty rough around the edges. Still thinking that thought, Scrappy laughed to himself. The youngest one, Oh boy does he live up to his name. Little Gangster, the sky blue Indian Ring neck Parrot has quite the mouth on him. He says a lot of things he should not say and is always ready to pick a fight.

His girlfriend Banana, the yellow Indian Ring neck, does not stay too far behind. Though she does not have the vocabulary Gangster does, she does sound off a high pitched alarm when she wants too. She had to be separated from Gangster due to a domestic violence incident where she made Gangster bleed. Gangster might live up to his name in many areas, but he is gentlemen like and won't hurt a girl.

Bobbi Lou the gray cockatiel is quite the comical little fellow. He is the imitator of any tune you put in front of him. He also makes up his own tune and expects you to learn it. As innocent as he looks, it has been said that he is the prime suspect is the murder of his wife Pumpkin. They were together one night and both doing fine. The next morning, Pumpkin was found dead. Since they were together so long, it was thought that Bobbi Lou might get heart broken over the death of his wife and might need a new mate so he would not die of a broken heart.

Sir Scrappy shakes his head and chuckles at the thought. That just was not the case for Bobbi Lou. Bobbi Lou has been alone and singing up a storm since the day she died. 

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