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Status: Married
Age: 107
Sign: Virgo

Country: United States
Signup Date: June 19, 2017

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Midnight's Journey Home (My very first and second publication)
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It seems like the pain of losing you will never go away.

Maybe it will some day,
But that is just not today.
For  my heart is breaking because you did not stay.

The night you left is still fresh in my mind.
The night of June 16, 2004, I made a horrifying find.
I found you lifeless under a tree.
At first I could not believe what my eyes did see.

I called out to you; Midnight! Midnight! Midnight!
I fell to the ground in tears when I had you in sight.
I just could not accept the realization and see,
There was nothing I could do to bring you back to me.

How I wished when  I called out your name,
Everything would have remained the same.
You would look up, wag your tail,
And wait for me to pick you up without fail.

Instead, God called for you sometime after seven,
Telling you it was time to walk the stairway to Heaven.
Only the Lord knows His reasons why
He took you Home before I could say good - bye.

He needed a Papillon to help Him in Heaven.
That's why He took you from me after seven.
He needed a precious little guy like you,
So He chose you, knowing you would always be true.

Some day sweet Midnight, we will meet again,
At the Pearly Gates of Heaven where the Lord says A-men!
Until that day, you will always remain in my heart,
And the memories of you will never part.

VoicesNet 10 Anthology 

The International Poetry Publication 
Volume 2
2005 Editionc

Page 84

Reflections -ISBN 0-9743429-6-3
American Poets Society
Page 359

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