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Status: Married
Age: 107
Sign: Virgo

Country: United States
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My Father, My Hero, My Best Friend
Category: Real Life

My Father, My Hero, My Best Friend (2007 Poet and Poem of the Year)

(My Father, My Hero, My Best Friend was actually written based on my role play character Theresa Mericdaughter for her father Lord Meric. So for me, it is truly surprising to me that it received the recognition that it received.)

My Father, My Hero, My Best Friend

I came from the future,
To make sure we were reunited together.
I didn't want to spend my life without you.
No way! Not ever!

You are my Father, My Hero, My Best Friend.
I was going to go through anything to find you.
I would over come any obstacle even standing the test of time.
For I knew that find you would make my life meaningful and true.

Together we had a mission to complete.
We had to conquer the world with our kisses.
For we could never do it alone
Because together we would have so many more hits than misses.

This mission could only be completed by my real father and me.
For only my real father was My Father, My Hero, and My Best Friend.
That's what it would take for this mission to succeed,
A father and his princess to take over the world and win in the very end.

Since the day we came face to face and eye to eye,
I knew there was something special about you.
You looked like me, but there was something more to it.
Something in my heart told me, "He's your father and he's true.

Then one day I heard you say:
I have loved you since time began and I will love you after it ends.
My heart melted and I knew without a doubt:
You are My Father, My Hero, and all of my Best Friends.

I knew you would never leave me and you would love me for me
Because that's what fathers do and you are so loving, strong, and true.
With you by my side to conquer the world with our kisses,
I knew my life would never ever again be blue.

For I found My Father, My Hero, and My Best Friend.
You are the best father in the entire universe.
We are together now until the very end.
I love you Daddy and I won't ever allow anyone to take you from me ever again.

Inspirations 4
A Collection of Short Works
League of American Poets
ISBN: 0-9743429-6-3
Pages 128 -129

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