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Status: Married
Age: 107
Sign: Virgo

Country: United States
Signup Date: June 19, 2017

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Dear Spot
Category: Real Life

Dear Spot,

I love you a lot.
You were my little Albino Polk - a -Dot.
You were the cutest Dalmatian I ever did see
And the very special one God saved for me.

For whatever the reason,
He only let me keep you for a very short season.
Then He took you Home with Him and Midnight
So they could have you in sight.

Precious sweet memories are what you left behind
Like a soft footprint  in my heart and my mind.
Nothing or no one can take your place in my heart.
The precious sweet memories of you will never part.

God must have thought you and Midnight were a team.
After He took Midnight, He took you it would seem.
Oh how I miss you both so dear.
Yet, in my heart I will always hold you near.

I miss how you would run, jump, bark, and play
And what seems like the things you would say.
Yet, I know we will meet again
When the Lord says it's time and says A-MEN!

Great Poems of the Western World
ISBN: 0-9700445-4-2  V3
Page: 159

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