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Status: Married
Age: 107
Sign: Virgo

Country: United States
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My Dear Andrew
Category: Stories

"My Dear Andrew was written one year after my best friend Andrew went Home to Glory after losing his battle with Liver Cancer. It has been ten years since I originally wrote this poem. Today I pulled it out just three days shy of the eleventh anniversary of Andrew going Home to Glory and made a few edits to it." R. I. P. my best friend Andrew. (7-5-2007) I still love you and miss you so tremendously."

My Dear Andrew

It has been a year since you went Home to Glory.

Not one thing have I ever forgotten in your life's story

That included me in it.

I think about it all and feel the smile in my heart that you lit.


You were my best friend

Right up to the very end.

You filled my heart with joy and laughter

Like we didn't have a care of the math of after.


We shared many things.

You made my heart smile, laugh, dance, and it still sings.

I miss you Andrew as much as the day before.

Since you asked me not to,  I don't cry anymore.


You said in your last Will and Testament, "Tiny, I know you are crying really hard right now. I want you to stop and smile for me."

Andrew I want you to know that sometimes it seems impossible you see.

You then told me, "You and I know I'm in a better place."

Yes Andrew, I know and I will meet you there when I finish life's race.


See, for you I smile because you asked me too

And I try to be happy under this sky of blue.

I wrote a story for you just like I promised you.

In it, I told everyone you have a new job in Heaven too.


You see Andrew, I remember something else you told me.

"I will still be popping water balloons on people's heads you see.

I will just be dropping them on the Apostle's head."

I laughed so hard my dear Andrew that my face is red.


My Dear Andrew, it is because of that I told each and every single one

That lives under this bright blue sky and bright, flaring Sun

That you are in charge of the rain.

You see that from my tears it helps me refrain.


Every time it rains you see,

That is Andrew popping water balloons on the Apostle's heads with glee

Letting us know he is still around watching over us

In this crazy world full of dust.


I tend to believe the things I say

Even as time has gone by and we remember today.

You see, since you went Home and it has rained.

Things for me have drastically changed.


Before, the rain would show up at the worst possible time.

I would always get wet walking home in life's dance and rhyme .

Since you went Home to Glory and out in this world I set,

Not once walking home or anywhere else have I gotten wet.


Some people may think I am crazy

Thinking like that in this world that has gone so hazy.

Yet, I shrug without a care.

I let them think what they dare. 


My friend said to me the other day

You are going to get wet walking In the rain with no Sun around to shine its ray.

I told her no I won't. Don't you see there is not a drop of water on me,

Not one can you look on me and see.


My best friend Andrew is in Heaven and is in charge of the rain.

Every single time it rains, he does refrain

From getting me wet you see.

It rains everywhere around me, but never in the direct path of me.


He used to pop water balloons when he lived here on Earth you see.

Since he went Home to Glory, he aims them at everyone but me.

She looked at me and said, "What a beautiful way to remember your friend."

I smiled and said, "He lives in my heart beyond eternity and beyond the very end.


So you see  My Dear Andrew, you will always live

In my heart in which a smile you did give.

I love you and miss you even more each and every single day.

My Dear Andrew, since you asked, it is for you that on my face a smile does stay.



Written By: CS Ghost Writer

"Can You Imagine? I Can Only Imagine." [Phrase quoted from the song "I Can Only Imagine" written by Bart Marshall Millard and sung by his Christian band Mercyme]

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