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Status: Married
Age: 107
Sign: Virgo

Country: United States
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Andrew on my Window Pane
Category: Real Life

Andrew on my Window Pane was written by me two years after my best friend Andrew passed away of liver cancer. I can not believe in a matter of two days, it will be eleven years since he went Home to Glory. R. I. P. my best friend 7-5-07. I still love you and miss you so tremendously.

Andrew on my Window Pane

Two years have passed

Since you made me laugh last.

You asked me not to cry.

My dear best friend Andrew, I do try.


Two days before the anniversary, the rain came.

It started running down my window pane.

Somehow Andrew, I knew it was you

Sending your smile and love through.


Tiny, don't cry for me.

I am in a better place you see.

You and I both know

That I still love you so.


I am the angel in charge of the rain

That keeps it only on your window pane.

I want you to know that I am still here.

Once more I tell you for me shed not one single tear.


Andrew,  "Loki's Last Breath"

You wrote shortly before your death.

Only then I did not see the meaning behind it

Until one day I came home and found that in Heaven you did sit.


Even then I did not want to believe.

I did not even want to perceive

You were no longer on Earth with me.

No Andrew, I still did not want to believe.


That same night your Last Testament came.

Everything you told me before was written there just the same.

As it was read, my heart broke

With tears my face did soak.


Two years later I miss you still.

Your memory still  lives in my heart and is true

You wanted people to always remember you.

My Dear Andrew, your best friend could never forget a heart that is true.


I love you and miss you still.

Joy and laughter my heart you still fill.

When I look at my window and see the rain,

I know in my heart it is Andrew running down my window pane.


I don't cry.

I know it is you and for you I try.

You live in my heart.

From there you will never part.


It is Andrew sitting on my window pane

He is in the form of the rain.

He is watching me,

Reminding me he loves me, is happy, and free.


Written By: CS Ghost Writer

"Can You Imagine? I Can Only Imagine." [Phrase quoted from the song "I Can Only Imagine" written by Bart Marshall Millard and sung by his Christian band Mercyme]

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