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Age: 114
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Norway
Signup Date: March 24, 2019

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Lady Bella
Category: Stories

First Knight Sir Scrappy knows that he will soon be passing the reigns of First Knight over and stepping down. While he will always be there to help guide the new First Knight as long as he lives, he knows that it is time for him to step aside and let one of the younger knights lead the gang. However, there is one final thing he must do before the ceremony of the new First Knight.


He walks over to his Queen Destiny and sits next to her looking at her and her younger sitting next to her. Yes, her younger; Tiny Jr. He shook his head thinking to himself, "Tiny Jr should have had her own personal knight long ago. A queen and her heiress should never be without their own personal knight."


He has already been searching long and hard for the right guard for Tiny Jr. Finally, he found just the right feisty spit fire for her. Tiny Jr does not know it yet, but soon the newly knighted Yorkie Maltese Lady Bella will be her guard.


The Legendary Knight chuckles to himself. "These two together will be quite the pair. I won't live to see the full potential of these two together, but I will always be watching."


Bella was already in the vicinity  of the Palace. She was getting to know the other knights. Scrappy's Queen Destiny already knew what was in store for Tiny Jr, but Tiny Jr did not know. All she knew was that Destiny told her she had to spend the day in the Palace with her. 


 Queen Destiny looked at Tiny Jr knowing that Tiny Jr was wondering why she was asked to stay in that day. "My daughter,  I have asked you to stay in for a reason. From here on out, you will not be allowed to leave the Palace without your own personal knight. It has been a long time coming. With First Knight Sir Scrappy stepping down from his duties as First Knight, he felt there was one final thing he must do before the ceremony of passing the reigns over to the chosen First Knight. He wanted to make sure that you will never be without your own personal guard. "


"With all the other knights assigned to various duties, Scrappy took it upon himself to search far and wide to find the perfect knight for you. He is confident that he found the right fit for you. She is a feisty Yorkie Maltese mix he has knighted at Lady Bella."


Queen Destiny gave a nod to her First Knight as a signal to bring Bella in. Upon receiving the signal, Sir Scrappy left the room and went to get Lady Bella. After a few moments, Sir Scrappy returned to the room with Lady Bella walking right beside him.  The tiny lady knight was more than twice as small as Sir Scrappy, but that did not matter. He knew she could handle the job just as his late best friend and fellow First Knight Sir Scooby could.


Sir Scrappy flashed a sneaky little grin across his face as he watched Tiny Jr's every expression.  He then turned to Lady Bella. "This is the Heiress and Princess Ambrielle Destiny Lokidaughter, but everyone calls her Tiny Jr. From this day forward until you draw your very last breath, you will be in charge of taking care of her, guarding her, and never leaving her side. You will also go on every mission that every single knight in this realm goes on. There are many."


"I have watched you for a long time now. I know that you love the two legged beings. However, I also know that you have no problem taking one's head off if you feel the need too."  He chuckles knowing Tiny Jr has a long list of heads she would love to decapitate. 


You may go to her now Lady Bella. Serve her well and make us all proud. I have no doubt you will. Welcome to the gang new recruit.  He watched Lady Bella run and jump on Tiny Jr's lap and watched for a few minutes knowing they were a perfect match. Just as quickly as Sir Scrappy entered the room with Bella, he bowed out and left to go get prepared for the night's ceremony.


Queen Destiny looked at her daughter, and Lady Bella. "Well you two, what are you doing still sitting here? You are free to leave and go cause whatever mischief and mayhem you can come up with." Destiny laughed softly to herself, but tears silently started flowing from her eyes because she knew that soon, her faithful First Knight, will be retired and new blood will be in place. She has no doubt they will make the nine realms proud, but deep down she will always miss her Faithful First Knight Sir Scrappy as much as she still misses her faithful First Knight Sir Scooby.


What she has dreaded for so long  will soon come to pass.  Sir Scrappy will step down and will soon be walking the halls of Valhalla. As she watches her daughter and Lady Bella leave, she softly whispers to her First Knight Sir Scrappy, "I love you my Knight.  You have made us all proud."

~~~~~~~Queen Destiny Mericwife of Asgard~~~~~~~~Tiny Sr~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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