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Age: 16
Sign: Aries

Country: Norway
Signup Date: January 08, 2016

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Sir Scrappy Passes the Torch-Asgard Version (Not Finished)
Category: Stories

Many years have passed since the Legendary Knight First Knight Sir Scrappy took over the reins from the Legendary First Knight and his late best friend Sir Scooby in Asgard. He takes a moment to reminisce of the times of old.  Many adventures they went on together until he fell like a true hero in his final battle. It was then that Scrappy was thrown in the leader spot unexpectedly. He has carried himself well and made his best friend proud over the years. He knows that he is too sick and too old to be in charge anymore. It is time that he passes the reins over to one of the younger knights. Truth be told two or possibly three leaders will take over. Only one knight will get the Legendary Knight's spot.


He had never picked a knight to take his late Best Friend Scooby's place after he died. He took it upon himself to be the sole leader. However, it is a new generation now. It is time for more than one knight to be in charge once more. He chuckles to himself knowing exactly which knights will be the new leaders. They aren't who anyone expected them to be.


Many would expect for Lady Molley to take over the position of First Knight. In reality, the position would rightfully be hers. However, after she had several meetings with the Legendary Knight, they both decided because she was up in the age herself and diagnosed with heart failure, liver disease, and possibly a tumor, it was best that she stay away from the leader position and just help guide the younger knights.


Lady Chloe would have been next but she was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. Pooh Bear decided she too would guide the younger ones as well. Sir Scrappy muttered to himself, "Young-ins" That left him with Gizmo, Bobbi Lou, Mango, Gangster, maybe Oso Bear, and Bella. Oh, the decision he had to make.


He couldn't really rely on Oso Bear yet. He was the youngest out of everyone. However, he was what he likes to call him, a "Traveling Freelancer."  He looks like a much younger version of Lady Bella with the feistiness of Rottweiler.  At one point he even thought he could take on Lady Chloe. She would just look at him as if to say, "Little one, I could have you for a snack if I really wanted too."


In many ways, it is a no brainer. At six months old Gizmo the paper shredder terrier dachshund mix was going to have to take over the reins of First Knight. Sir Scrappy hated to do that to him at such a young age.  If Gizmo had his way his second would be his best friend, the traveling freelancer Oso Bear. Sir Scrappy sighed at the thought, "It is just that Oso Bear is so small and so  young." It is not like size matters. Scrappy's best friend Scooby the miniature Dachshund was literally five pounds fully grown with a big mouth, a feisty attitude, and a heart of gold.  At the same time, he knew how and when to go into a battle when he had too.


At three months old, the Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix Oso Bear already has the attitude of, "Come pick a fight with me if you want too. I dare you." He and Gizmo even fight with each other once in a while. Maybe he would be a great second knight after all. Scrappy shakes his head again. "Puppies! They have to grow out of that stage. In reality, they are being forced to grow out of it must faster than most. 


If Scrappy, Molley, and Chloe were not ill, Gizmo and Oso Bear would not have to grow up so fast. Lady Molley and Lady Chloe might be around a few more years to see the Young-ins grow and handle the leadership position. However, Scrappy knows he won't make it through the next year, so it is not something he will get to witness first hand.  He could only hope that they would never lose tradition altogether. A little shake-up in tradition sometimes is not a bad thing. After all, he was about to do something that breaks tradition.  When you lose tradition all together, that is when everyone starts to forget where they come from.


Scrappy had one more surprise in store. That is Lady Bella. "He smirked and thought to himself, "Yes, this surprise is part of the tradition I am breaking." She is the bigger, older version of Oso Bear. Scrappy, Molley, and Chloe cannot chase the Young-ins around, but Bella can. She is older than them but much younger than Scrappy, Molley, and Chloe.  Scrappy made the decision to do something that has never before been done. There will be three First Knights. Lady Bella will be the third First Knight. She will keep the Young-ins in line.


Molley, Chloe, Mango, Bobbie Lou, and Little Gangster will remain active knights. Lady Molley's and Lady Chloe's duties will be much different due to their illness and age. However, they have no plans to completely retire and will remain active for now.


Oso Bear will become less of a traveling freelancer. He will no longer be a long haul traveling freelancer. He, however, might have to be a short haul traveling freelancer for the gang from time to time.  A few more traveling freelancers have been around, such as Ray Ray and Pebbles. Oso Bear invited them over a few times for game night and a night of storytelling. Freelancers are starting to come from far and wide to hear the stories of the original Legendary First Knight Sir Scooby and the battles he fought and won in his cup and saucer.


The Legendary Knight's mind is made up. He knows what has to be done.  Tonight, the torch must be passed at the ceremony.   As Sir Scrappy makes his way down the hall to go get ready for the night, he can hear Gizmo and Oso play fighting in one room. In another place, Bobbi Lou is flirting with one of the female warriors that stopped to play whistling games with him. Mango is laughing at some bad joke someone told. Little Gangster, yes, Little Gangster, he is threatening to kick someone's butt and call his attorney.


His mind flashes to his unlikely friend, Mango. Mango is known as the not so nice Giggler. Lately, Mango has shown a much softer side. It is a side of Mango that Scrappy always knew was there even though Mango hides it very well. Mango was caught crying when Laurel and Hardy the two Black Ghost fish died. The even scarier part is the fact that he sounded just like his Queen when she cries. At that time, his Queen was not even in the same room. Mango was busted and he knew it.


Scrappy would lay underneath Mango on the days he was not feeling well, Mango would chase the young ones off so he could rest in peace without the younger knights bothering him. Scrappy will always be grateful for that.


Soon after his mind flashes to Bobbi Lou. He could always whistle a tune and the queen would match it. He would throw another one at her, and she would throw it right back.


Little Gangster, the youngest of all the birds. He sure knows how to live up to his name. He has a big mouth and a daredevil attitude.  He still needs to be careful. No knight is invincible. The Gangster of the bunch just needs to learn to be wise.


Sir Scrappy chuckles as King Meric comes to his mind. He was rather amused when  Destiny brought Sir Scooby and him into Asgard and told the King that  Scooby and Scrappy would make a great knights. Over time, after he saw them both in battle, he realized that Destiny was right. Scooby and he were knighted First Knights of Asgard.


Make no mistake. Lord Meric was and is First Knight of Asgard. He always has been and always will be. None of us could or would ever even try to take his place. However, one day something happened to Lord Meric that none of us ever saw coming except the Queen and the Fire Princess Mythiril.


Lord Meric fell head of heels in love with Lady Theresa and at one point he and Lady Theresa left Asgard for a time. Lord Meric just could not deal with Hestia anymore. She was always dying and returning. As things go in Asgard, once you die and return, not everything is the same as it was before you died. Upon Lord Meric's return and his return to his post, he and Lady Theresa were married.


One must wonder who stepped in as temporary First Knight during Lord Meric's return. There were two of us. One was Sir Scooby and the other myself, Sir Scrappy. Sir Scooby though much smaller than Scrappy, was older. As many traveling freelancer's showed up throughout Asgard, many decided to Sir make Asgard their home.


Once Lord Meric and Lady Theresa returned and Lord Meric took over his post as First Knight of Asgard,  King Meric decided someone had to become leader of all the traveling freelancers that decided to stay around. Since the only two legged warriors had feathers and a beak, they were classified under the same category as the four legged fury warriors. King Meric decided to keep Sir Scooby and Sir Scrappy First Knights of Asgard as well. However, they were the First Knights in charge of the fury and feathered knights.


Sir Scrappy begins to reminisce more of the past as he lay in the grassy meadow with his eyes closed. Suddenly he feels something light land on the tip of his nose. At first he paid no attention figuring it was something the wind blew his way. Soon after followed a soft kiss on his nose and Sir Scrappy opened his eyes.


Sitting on his nose was the second generation Fire Princess Tallia. His mind flashes back to a time when Mythiril was the Fire Princess of Asgard. "How times do change," he thought to himself. Over his lifetime he got a chance to spend time with both Mythiril and Tallia. In reality they are one. Mythiril is Tallia and Tallia is Mythiril. Just then, Tallia begins to speak. "Sirs Scrappyrillies, mes lovies yous. Mes looks deeps ins dems eyes ofs yours. Yous ans olds souls. Mes knows yous knows soons yous wills bes ins Valhallas wifs Mythirilies, Scoobyrillies, ans Lokirillies. Mes alsos knows yous haves hards decisions tos makes. Mes knows yous wills makes dems rights ones."


He smiled softly as Tallia climbs to the top of his head and sits there while the old knight continues to get lost in his thoughts. From a distance in his thoughts he could hear the fairy war cry "Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi" Only this war cry did not come from Tallia who was still sitting there with him, but from Mythiril in his memory. This particular war cry was for the battle of the Queen of Asgard.


His Queen, Destiny, was not always the Queen of Asgard alongside King Meric. No, King Meric was married twice before. He was first married to Antonia and then Antonia and Hetta at the same time. That made for some interesting comical jealousy.


That was also the same time that Loki was in love with Destiny. Tallia and Sir Scrappy  laugh. When Scrappy heard Tallia laugh, he knew she was reading his mind. The sneaky little fairy would do that from time to time. "Who didn't fall in love with Queen Destiny even when she wasn't Queen?"


The battle for the Queen of Asgard had nothing to do with Antonia. By the time this battle took place, Antonia had died fallen like a hero in battle. On the other hand, Hetta was a different story.


Sir Scooby had fallen like a true hero in battle a few years before the battle for the Queen of Asgard. Sir Scrappy was the First Knight in charge then and he was going to do anything for Destiny in this battle just as he did in every other battle before.


This battle would be quite different than the others. There had never before been a battle over who was going to be King Meric's Queen. Mythiril always knew that Destiny was supposed to be King Meric's Queen. Hetta was a problem. The conniving want to be Queen of Asgard had almost everyone fooled.


Mythiril knew that Hetta was not supposed to be Queen of Asgard. However, it was not until Destiny came into her full powers did she realize that everything that was told her about King Meric being her father and Hetta being her mother and being the rightful Queen of Asgard was completely wrong. In fact this conniving want to be Queen even tried to say that the only one that would ever be able to kill her was Odin.


Scrappy smirked as he remembered the day Destiny came into her full powers and realized it all. Her eyes had grown black and a look of revenge and hatred came across her face. He knew that was never a good sign. It was then that she realized Heather was her real Mother and King Loki Odinson and King Marthonon were her fathers.


Destiny was not one to be double crossed. If someone dared to double cross her, they lost their life. There was no question about it. Destiny has and always has had the ability to make anyone fall in love with her. Since that was the case not many wanted to double cross her. All they wanted to do was love her.


Well Destiny was planning to enter the battle for the Queen of Asgard another war started with King Meric, Asgard, King Marthonon, and Southgard. Both Kings always thought they were right and were never willing to admit when they were wrong.


Destiny and Hetta were not always at odds. There was a time was a time they got along quite well. They would go troll hunting together with Sir Scooby, Hestia, Theresa, Hesy, her Mom, and myself. Scrappy chuckled to himself once more. Those were the days. Sadly, they all came to an end.


Had Hetta showed any kind of remorse for her actions and stepped aside, maybe this battle would have never happened. They could have a least remained friends. Pride was always a problem for her. That left Destiny with no choice but to get rid of her.


Sir Scrappy remembered that before that battle even took place, King Meric has fallen in the battle with Marthonon and Southgard. The new heir to the throne at that time was his brother Loki Odinson. Loki was suddenly thrust to the throne having to rule over Asgard.


Destiny was stuck with thoughts in her mind. She was dealing with the fact that her real love just went to Valhalla which automatically took the throne away from Hetta as well. On one hand one of her father's became the King of Asgard and the other one killed her love. Family, you have to love them but you can be pissed as hell at them sometimes.


Still the question lingered in Destiny's mind. Dispose of Hetta or not dispose of Hetta.  It seemed like a Lord Meric stunt to her in so many ways. The only real way King Meric could get rid of Hetta was for one or the other to die. In the case of Lord Meric is was Hestia that was always dying and coming back with different name changes. That was until she died one final time and Lord Meric had not only had enough, but he was not willing to admit out loud that he was in love with Lady Theresa so he left Asgard for a time and Theresa soon followed him.

The Legendary Knight remembered the day Destiny made up her mind. Even though King Meric was in Valhalla, there was always a chance that he would return one day. With that realization, she realized that if King Meric did come back that Hetta could always manipulate it somehow so that she would be his queen again.  It was then that Destiny decided it was time for Hetta to go.  If she could have taken out her Father Loki's wife at the same time, she probably would have. However, at the moment her issues were even bigger with Hetta, so Loki's wife could live a little longer. 

(To Be Continued)

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